Jonhord’s CHK Fashion Jobs Ghana 2018 – How to Apply

Jonhord’s CHK Fashion Jobs Ghana 2018 – How to Apply

Jonhord is seeking a web developer to be in charge with developing its website’s content. The desired candidate should be able to work on a full-time or part-time basis. This will be a remote/telecommute position.

Job Description

Job Title: Web Developer


Job Location: Ghana

You are a great fit if you have the following:

• Design, build, or maintain web sites, using authoring or scripting languages, content creation tools and management tools.
• Proficiency in web language, platforms, and programs, i.e.,Java, HTML, PHP, Adobe, Joomla; WordPress etc.
• Responsible for day-to-day site design and creation.
• Able to work independently under minimal supervision and also in a team.

Required Duties:

• Ability to create websites based on Photoshop layouts with the use of custom code and WordPress combined
• Design new templates/pages/modules that fit within the established style guide and brand system
• Add and maintain SEO friendly content to multiple WordPress built websites
• Continually update sites with new, visually impressive content, sales, new products, and general news in relation to the sites topic
• Assist ecommerce department with listing products for Jonhord online
• Make changes with the use of custom code to help visually improve websites
• HTML/CSS coding within existing CMS systems as necessary
• Design any ads/images needed to make a page visually impressive
• Assist marketing design team with creation of ads on as-needed basis
• Participate in discovery meetings with internal and external stakeholders for new digital projects
• Effectively communicate conceptual ideas and design rationale
• Assist ecommerce department with photographing and processing product shots, maintain inventory, clean up product pages and update photos and/or descriptions as needed
• Stay up-to-date on emerging design trends and best practices
• Ability to develop mobile apps is a plus
• Perform other duties as assigned

Qualification Required & Experience

• Bachelor’s Degree in Web development, computer science or related field
• 3+ years of experience building responsive/adaptive websites or applications
• Advanced knowledge with HTML / CSS / JavaScript and PHP
• Ability to leverage APIs to integrate external systems with PHP-based website
• Proficient with WordPress and custom development
• Understanding of SEO best practice Drupal, HTML – HyperText Markup Language, PHP, WordPress
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Strong organizational skills, keen attention to detail, and problem-solving capabilities
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Ability to meet deadline, reliable and responsible
• Must be able to work on both Mac and PC

Skills and Attributes

• Fluent in HTML and CSS
• Excellent visual design skills (typography and layout), including a natural understanding of brand aesthetic and ability to execute throughout different projects
• Knowledge of mobile/responsive design methods
• Good digital file organizational skills
• Close attention to visual and written details
• Ability to work efficiently under deadlines
• Excellent communication skills, open to accepting and providing feedback
• Photography and videography skills a plus
• Knowledge of Bootstrap, Less, jQuery, Git, Javascript APIs, LAMP

How to Apply

Send your CV to: [email protected]


Job Description

Job Title: Professional Seamstress and Tailors


Job Location: Accra, Cape Coast, Kumasi, Takoradi

• This is a contract position.
• Work Schedule: Work when you want, Set your own schedule.

Qualification Required & Experience

• Must have a reliable access to a sewing machine and related sewing tools, whether you own it or you are leasing it.
• Must own an android phone or iPhone. An android tablet or iPad also works.
• Must be experienced in sewing men and/or women’s African wear.
• Must be able to read and write English and follow sewing specifications.
• Must have at least 5 years of experience. Bridal/formal wear experience is a plus.
• Must be able to meet deadlines. Must be able to sew a full dress in less than 2 days, but 1 day completion is preferred.

How to Apply for this post

Please send CV to: [email protected] Please include your work experience in your CV. If you fit the profile, we will arrange to see the quality of your work. We can ask you to come in and show us your work by doing a few pieces (We will pay you for the pieces we will ask you to do).

Closing Date: 30 April, 2018


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