Top 10 Best Jobs for Chemical Engineering Graduates

Having a degree in Engineering is a good decision one can make especially if you like to design and give solutions to technical problems in society.

Technicalities associated with the engineering field makes it one of the most lucrative courses to study either at the postgraduate or undergraduate level.

There are different types of Engineering Programs you can consider applying to. But for this article, you would learn what Chemical engineering really entails alongside its job prospects.

What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineering can be described as a broad field due to it”s application in various areas such as manufacturing and environmental science.

Chemical Engineering applies principles from the fields of biology, physics, and maths to improve or create new processes that are involved in Production Processes.

As a chemical engineer, your goal would be to create or make production processes more efficient while also ensuring environmental safety.

Requirements for a Degree in Chemical Engineering

To become a Chemical Engineer you would either have to obtain a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate degree in Chemical Engineering.

As an entry requirement for a bachelor’s degree in  Chemical Engineering, you would be required to have a good knowledge of maths, chemistry, physics, and biology.

While for the postgraduate program, a bachelor’s degree in engineering related courses or science courses is required.

Skills Required as a Chemical Engineer

With a degree in Chemical Engineering, Employers are looking for Engineers who demonstrate the following skills:

  • Analytical skills
  • Project management
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Top 10 Best Jobs For Engineering Graduates

Either you are in your final semester or considering taking a degree in Chemical Engineering, Here is a list of the top 10 best jobs you can get with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Process Engineering

Due to good knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology, maths, and core engineering principles.

Chemical Engineers are in demand in various manufacturing industries to fill the position of a process engineer.

As a Process Engineer, your job description would entail testing new processes, data collection for statistical analysis, coming up with the best process method for production processes.

Food Scientist

As a Chemical Engineering graduate are you can work in food and beverage manufacturing companies, as well as research institutes.

In their work as Food Scientists, they help to analyze and evaluate the nutritional value of their products.

In this field, chemical engineers male use of their knowledge in Chemistry, Microbiology, and Engineering to produce new food products and make consumer Safety.

Biotechnologist/Biomedical Engineer

You can also Work in the field of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Because of your knowledge about living systems and their properties, you would be able to profer solutions to existing questions as regards product development in biotechnology.

Environmental Engineer

The Field of environmental engineering helps you understand our ecosystem and some of the challenges it faces an example of which is global warming.

Chemical Engineers work alongside scientists and researchers in other disciplines to profer solutions to environment and health Hazards.

Some of the solutions you can profer could be coming up with a process procedure that puts the environment and its inhabitants at low risks.

Analysts in Oil and Gas Industries

The Oil and Gas industry is another industry where chemical engineers are key players.


As chemical engineers, they are required to carry out analytical processes on samples gotten from oil wells or carry out detailed research on the effect additives have both on oil and gas products, the environment and consumers.

As An Academic

In universities and colleges, Chemical Engineers who are academics teach the principles of chemical engineering to students both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Projects carried out by students under adequate supervision may be used to implement new solutions in areas where chemical engineering is applicable.

Pharmaceutical Engineer

In the pharmaceutical industry, Chemical engineers to help with procedures to develop and manufacture new products and processes. Chemical engineers are quite important in the Pharmaceutical industry as they aid the development of many Pharmaceutical Products on a large scale.

Design Engineer

Design Engineers help to come up with plans and methods that best suit any project.

This Could be a good career part for Chemical engineers especially those who have a working knowledge of instrument design and good chemical engineering skills.

Design Engineers also work in the early stages of setting up a manufacturing establishment. they ensure that the best equipment are used. They are responsible for creating flow charts which would be used by the company.

Thermo-Fluid Engineer

As a Thermo-fluid engineer with a knowledge of thermodynamics and complex fluids. Chemical engineers can work to determine the way in which particles interact and use this knowledge to improve processes.

Mining Engineer

In the mining industries, chemical engineers help with carrying out analytical tests on samples obtained from mines whilst also coming up with possible procedures for its conversion into a finished product.



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