Ho Technical University School Fees Schedule 2023/2024

HTU School Fees Schedule 2023/2024 Academic Year… Ho Technical University’s school fees schedule for the 2023/2024 academic year has not yet been published online by the school management meanwhile the 2022/2023 fee schedule may remain valid until the new fee schedule is released.


www.htu.edu.gh fees: Below Is the Official Ho Technical University Fees schedule to be paid by each undergraduate student for the academic session.


The following policies and procedures are applicable to all students who officially register for programmes at Ho Technical University. The Institute reserves the right to change fees without prior notice to the student. However, fee changes are subject to approval by the Governing Council.


Ho Technical University School Fees Schedule 2022/2023

 Programme Fresh Students  2nd Year Students  
        GH₵       GH₵           
 Master of Technology Programmes (1 Year)    8,216.00
 Master of Technology Programmes (2 Year)    7,397.00     7,804.00
 GRASAG Dues       250.00        250.00
   Bachelor Degree : Fresh Students   2nd Year Students  3rd Year Students 4th Year Students 
      GH₵        GH₵      GH₵      GH₵ 
        1. Faculty of Engineering    3,294.00     2,811.00   2,811.00   3,121.00
        2. Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology    3,294.00     2,811.00   2,811.00   3,121.00
        3. Faculty of Art and Design    3,213.00     2,731.00   2,731.00   3,041.00
        4. Business School    3,138.00     2,656.00   2,656.00   2,966.00
        5. Faculty of Built and Natural Environment    3,294.00     2,811.00   2,811.00   3,121.00
  SRC Dues       158.00        138.00      138.00      138.00
   HND: Fresh Students   2nd Year Students  3rd Year Students
      GH₵          GH₵      GH₵ 
        1. Faculty of Engineering    2,579.00     1,984.00   2,047.00
        2. Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology    2,579.00     1,984.00   2,047.00
        3. Faculty of Art and Design    2,554.00     1,958.00   2,033.00
        4. Business School    2,427.00     1,838.00   1,912.00
        5. Faculty of Built and Natural Environment    2,579.00     1,984.00   2,047.00
         SRC Dues       158.00        138.00      138.00
         Non-Tertiary:      GH₵ 
        1. DBS (Secretarial Option)    2,203.00
        2. DBS (Other Options)    1,947.00
        3. Advanced fashion    2,747.00
        4. Certificate II    2,735.00
        6. EET I&II, CTC I&II and Others    2,002.00
        7. Pre-HND (Access ) Programmes    2,095.00
        8.Apprenticeship    1,050.00
        9.National Proficiency Courses    1,710.00
        10. SRC Dues       158.00
 Fresh Students   2nd Year Students  3rd Year Students 4th Year Students 
  Foreign Student:       US$         US$      US$      US$ 
  1.DEGREE    1,200.00     1,200.00   1,200.00   1,200.00
   2.HND    1,000.00     1,000.00   1,000.00
  3.NON TERTIARY       900.00        900.00
  1. Fees paid are Not Refundable.
  2. University Fees should be paid through EAGLE PAY at any networked Branch of GCB Bank LTD.
  3. SRC Dues should be paid directly into SRC A/C No. 6010221897 at any networked  Branch of Zenith Bank
  and Pay in-slip sent to SRC Office for an Official Receipt
  4. The above fees exclude Hostel Fees
  5. To qualify for registration of courses for the semester, students must pay at least 60% of the total of their fees in the first semester and pay the remaining in the second semester.
   Name of Hall         GH₵ 
   Acolatse/Vodzi Hall     1,408.00
   Adaklu Hall:        GH₵ 
        Four-in-One (Small)     1,465.00
        Four-in-One (Large)     1,684.00
        Six-in-One     1,408.00
  1. Hostel fees covers one academic year
  2. Part payment of Hostel Fees would Not be Accepted.
  3. Fees paid are Not Refundable.
  4. Hostel Fees should be paid into A/C No. 6010205459 at any networked   Branch of Zenith Bank (Ghana) Ltd     through XPATH Only.
  5. Students who bring refrigerators into  Hall of Residence shall pay the following additional charges:
  Fridge :           GH₵ 
                                a) Table Top Fridge       360.00
                               b)  Double Decker       432.00


  1. Does it means that If you had E8 in integrated science while you wanted to offer Accountantcy in Business you won’t be admitted as a business student


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