GEAAA Dr. Osei Kwabena Gyebi Scholarship 2019/2020

The 2019/2020 GEAAA Dr. Osei Kwabena Gyebi Scholarship Fund is Open. GREAA Dr. Osei Kwabena Gybebi Scholarship in partnership with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is offering Scholarship opportunities to interested and qualified candidates for GEAAA Dr. Osei Kwabena Gyebi Scholarship Fund.



GEAAA Dr. Osei Kwabena Gyebi Scholarship

The scholarship awards are given by GEAAA annually to individuals who undertake innovations that provide practical solutions to technological problems pertaining to Africa, as well as contribute to its economic growth & quality of life. For non-student recipients the awards are given as grants.

Goal of GEAAA Dr. Osei Kwabena Gyebi Scholarship

The goal is to encourage persons of African descent in general and of Ghanaian descent in particular to harness their innovative talents to enhance the quality of life & economic growth of Africa through new and/or existing technology.


Amount of Award

  • Students:  US$ 500
  • Non-Students:  US$ 1,000

GEAAA Dr. Osei Kwabena Gyebi Scholarship Eligibility

  1. Be of African Descent (Higher priority is given to applicants of Ghanaian descent)
  2. Be a University or Polytechnic Student (enrolled or admitted), Researcher, Artisan
  3. Have current or prospective career or research interest in science and/or technology including, but not limited to, any of the following areas:
  • Agriculture – mass & year round production techniques including irrigation, rain harvesting or cloud seeding to augment precipitation
  • Mechanical Engineering – equipment, machinery, tools
  • Energy, including renewable energy
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering – clean water supply, sanitary / wastewater treatment, transportation, infrastructure
  • Information Technology and Communication
  • Bio Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Architecture /City/Town Planning – affordable housing techniques
  • Sciences & other Allied Professions
  • Other Technological Contributions

How to Apply for GEAAA Dr. Osei Kwabena Gyebi Scholarship

  1. Complete Application Form
  2. Narrative (Not more than 500 words) A description of research, career or other interest as it contributes to the goals of the Scholarship Fund.
  • Student Applicants: Explain your professional goals and how your interest in the sciences, mathematics, engineering or architecture will contribute towards practical solutions to any particular technological challenge facing Ghana in particular and/or Africa in general.
  • Non-Student Applicants: Explain concisely how the outcome of your proposed research or work will be beneficial to the Ghanaian society, its potential for improving the quality of life of Ghanaians and/or its contribution towards the economic growth of Ghana and Africa. Include a detailed statement indicating how the Funds will be utilized as well as a timeline for the milestone expected to be achieved through the use of the Funds
  1. Resume /Curriculum Vitae

In not more than 2 pages indicate the following:

  • Education (University, Secondary, Technical Schools attended & degrees/diploma or other certificate received, if any)
  • Professional or other Certification received, or honors awarded
  • Professional Associations/Affiliations
  • Work Experience
  • Technical Publications and/or work, if any
  1. Academic Transcripts or Proof of Admission, if a student
  2. A Letter of Recommendation from individual in supervisory position.
  3. For non-student applicants the Fund is given in a form of grant. Provide a proposed Budget and Justification
  4. Submit Application and all Supporting Documents to [email protected]



Awardees will be notified not later than NOVEMBER 30


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