DStv Ghana Subscription Packages, Channels & Prices (2023)

Are you a DStv subscriber, or are you in search of a reliable satellite tv with channels ranging from news to sports? Well, we believe DStv Ghana meets your preference. In this article, we will show you the different DStv Ghana packages, their channels, and prices. All you have to do is to choose the package that best suits your preference and budget.

Dstv Ghana is owned by Multichoice Limited, a subsidiary of South Africa-based multinational internet and media group; Naspers. DSTV is in operation in Ghana and in over 48 African countries.



DStv Subscription Packages and Prices in Ghana

DStv Ghana has a lot of packages and subscription rates. All you need to do is to make a choice from the three DStv packages. Any time you feel unsatisfied with your choice, just downgrade or upgrade your DStv Ghana subscription package.

A lot of Ghanaians subscribe to DStv in order to get access to some foreign channels such as BBC, Supersport, CNN and lots more. For sports enthusiasts, they can now watch the English Premier Leagues, La Liga, Seria A, and Bundesliga matches live on DStv.

DStv Ghana Packages and Channels

DStv has six (6) subscription packages for Ghanaians right now with the premium package as the most expensive at GHS 330 monthly and the DStv Access Bouquet costing GHS 40 monthly.

  • DStv Ghana Premium Package costs GHS 430/month with 185 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Compact Plus Package costs GHS 265/month with 172 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Compact Package costs GHS 179/month with 165 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Family Package costs GHS 90/month with 139 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Access Package costs GHS 50/month with 124 Channels.
  • DStv Ghana Indian Bouquet GHS 32/month with 15+ Channels.

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Dstv Ghana Premium Package

Dstv premium is the flagship package offered by DStv to the Ghana community. It features the best entertainment experience coming from all communities in the world. It is powered by cutting edge technology to enable the citizens to have access to a pleasant viewing experience. It contains the widest variety of entertainment channels in Africa. It boasts of providing more than 30 CD-quality audio channels and 100 world-class entertaining television channels on the menu.

It costs GHS 430/month to subscribe for DSTV premium.

DStv Ghana Premium Channels list

  1. Discovery TLC Entertainment
  2. Discovery IDx
  3. BBC Lifestyle
  4. Food Network
  5. Spice TV
  6. Cartoon Network
  7. Boomerang
  8. Disney Channel
  9. Disney XD
  10. Nickelodeon
  11. Disney Junior
  12. .JimJam
  13. Mindset
  14. MTV Base
  15. TRACE Mziki
  16. Hip TV
  17. TRACE Naija
  18. AFRO Music English
  19. Sound City
  20. Planet Radio TV
  21. Bloomberg Television
  22. NDTV24x7
  23. EuroNews
  24. CNC World
  25. Joy news
  26. EuroNews German
  27. eTV Africa
  28. BBC World News
  29. CNN International
  30. Sky News
  31. SABC News
  32. Al Jazeera
  33. CGTN
  34. CNBC Africa
  35. Discovery Channel (SD/HD)
  36. Discovery Family
  37. Crime Investigation Network
  38. National Geographic Channel
  39. Nat Geo Wild
  40. The History Channel
  41. CGTN Documentary
  42. M-Net West (HD/SD)
  43. Magic
  44. M-Net Movies Premiere (SD/HD)
  45. M-Net Movies Smile
  46. M-Net Movies Action +
  47. Iroko Music
  48. M-Net Action
  49. M-Net Movies All Stars
  50. Studio Universal
  51. M-Net City
  52. Vuzu (SD/HD)
  53. Universal Channel (SD/HD)
  54. Telemundo
  55. BBC Brit
  56. Comedy Central
  57. ITV Choice (SD/HD)
  58. E! Entertainment Television
  59. FOX
  60. FOX Life
  61. Sony Entertainment Television
  62. Sony Max
  63. MTV
  64. Lifetime Entertainment
  65. CBS Reality
  66. BET2
  67. Turner Classic Movies
  68. M-Net Movies Zone
  69. Eva
  70. Eva +
  71. AfricaMagic Showcase
  72. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  73. AfricaMagic Urban
  74. AfricaMagic Family
  75. AfricaMagic Hausa
  76. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  77. Maisha Magic East
  78. AfricaMagic Igbo
  79. Maisha Magic Bongo
  80. Maisha Magic
  81. Ebony Life TV
  82. Zee World
  83. ROK
  84. Iroko Plus
  85. Televista
  86. Trybe
  87. B4U Movies
  88. RAI International
  89. TV5 Monde Afrique
  90. Deutsche Welle
  91. CCTV 4
  92. CGTN Français
  93. CCTV Entertainment
  94. China Movie Channel
  95. Shanghai Dragon TV
  96. Hunan TV
  97. Jiantsu Television
  98. Phoenix News and Entertainment
  99. RTP Internacional
  100. SuperSport Golf
  101. SuperSport WWE
  102. SuperSport Blitz
  103. SuperSport Variety 1
  104. SuperSport Variety 2
  105. SuperSport Variety 3
  106. SuperSport Variety 4
  107. SuperSport Football
  108. SuperSport Football Plus
  109. SuperSport LaLiga
  110. SuperSport Rugby
  111. SuperSport Premier League
  112. SuperSport Action
  113. SuperSport MáXimo 1 (Português)
  114. SuperSport MáXimo 2 (Português)
  115. SuperSport Cricket
  116. SuperSport Grandstand
  117. WWE
  118. ESPN
  119. ESPN 2 HD
  120. Faith Broadcast Network
  121. TBN
  122. DayStar
  123. IQRAA
  124. Islam Channel
  125. Eternal Word Television Network
  126. Emmanuel TV
  127. Dove TV
  128. TV Mundial
  129. MX – Adult Contemporary
  130. DMX – Today’s Hits
  131. DMX – Y2K Hits
  132. DMX – Contemporary Instrumentals
  133. DMX – 70’s Hits
  134. DMX – 80’s Hits
  135. DMX – Familiar Favourites
  136. DMX – Soft Hits
  137. DMX – Love Songs
  138. DMX – Metro Blends
  139. DMX – Cityscapes
  140. DMX – Groove Lounge
  141. DMX – House Party
  142. DMX – Power Hits
  143. DMX – Dance
  144. DMX -Trots Afrikaans
  145. DMX – Campus Rock
  146. DMX – Alternative
  147. DMX – Hard Rock
  148. DMX – Classic Rock
  149. MX – Golden Oldies
  150. DMX – 90’s Hits
  151. DMX – Classic R&B
  152. DMX – Urban Adult Contemporary
  153. DMX – Urban Beat
  154. DMX – Reggae
  155. DMX – Modern Country
  156. DMX – Traditional Country
  157. DMX – Gospel
  158. DMX – African Rhythms
  159. DMX – Italian Contemporary
  160. DMX – Smooth Jazz
  161. DMX – Classic Jazz
  162. DMX – Blues
  163. DMX – Beautiful Instrumentals
  164. DMX – Light Classical
  165. DMX – Arias and Overtures
  166. DMX – Chamber Music
  167. DMX – Symphonic
  168. DMX – French Contemporary
  169. BBC World Service English
  170. BBC World Radio 2
  171. BBC African Languages
  172. Voice of America
  173. World Radio Network
  174. Channel Islam Internationale
  175. Radio France Internationale
  176. TransAfrica Radio
  177. Joy Prime
  178. NTA I
  179. Silverbird
  180. Channels
  181. MiTV
  182. K24
  183. Metro TV
  184. GTV
  185. TV3
  186. Fiesta GH
  187. Adom TV

DStv Ghana Compact Plus Package

The price of DStv Compact Plus is GHS 265/month. This gives you access to 172 channels to enjoy throughout the duration of your subscription. Just a little below DStv Premium Channels but it is enough to make you get the best entertainment at a cheaper cost. While there are 20 channels to enjoy in the Sports category in the premium package you have 14 channels in the DStv Compact Plus package and so on.

DStv Ghana Compact Plus Channel List

  1. Discovery TLC Entertainment
  2. Discovery IDx
  3. BBC Lifestyle
  4. Food Network
  5. Spice TV
  6. Cartoon Network
  7. Boomerang
  8. Disney Channel
  9. Disney XD
  10. Nickelodeon
  11. Disney Junior
  12. JimJam
  13. Mindset
  14. Cbeebies
  15. NickJr
  16. NickTOONS
  17. TRACE Mziki
  18. Hip TV
  19. TRACE Naija
  20. AFRO Music English
  21. Sound City
  22. Fiesta TV
  23. Planet Radio TV
  24. Bloomberg Television
  25. NDTV24x7
  26. Joy news
  27. EuroNews German
  28. eTV Africa
  29. People’s Weather
  30. BBC World News
  31. CNN International
  32. Sky News
  33. SABC News
  34. Al Jazeera
  35. CNC World
  36. CNBC Africa
  37. Discovery Channel (SD/HD)
  38. Discovery Family
  39. Crime Investigation Network
  40. National Geographic Channel
  41. Nat Geo Wild
  42. The History Channel
  43. CGTN Documentary
  44. M-Net West (HD/SD)
  45. 1Magic
  46. M-Net Action
  47. Iroko Music
  48. M-Net Action
  49. M-Net Movies All Stars
  50. Studio Universal
  51. M-Net City
  52. Vuzu (SD/HD)
  53. Universal Channel (SD/HD)
  54. Telemundo
  55. BBC Brit
  56. Comedy Central
  57. ITV Choice (SD/HD)
  58. E! Entertainment Television
  59. FOX Life
  60. Sony Entertainment Television
  61. Sony Max
  62. Lifetime Entertainment
  63. CBS Reality
  64. BET2
  65. Turner Classic Movies
  66. M-Net Movies Zone
  67. Eva
  68. Eva +
  69. AfricaMagic Showcase
  70. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  71. AfricaMagic Urban
  72. AfricaMagic Family
  73. AfricaMagic Hausa
  74. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  75. Maisha Magic East
  76. AfricaMagic Igbo
  77. Maisha Magic Bongo
  78. Maisha Magic
  79. Ebony Life TV
  80. Zee World
  81. ROK
  82. Iroko Plus
  83. Televista
  84. Trybe
  85. B4U Movies
  86. RAI International
  87. TV5 Monde Afrique
  88. Deutsche Welle
  89. CCTV 4
  90. CGTN Français
  91. CCTV Entertainment
  92. China Movie Channel
  93. Shanghai Dragon TV
  94. Hunan TV
  95. Jiantsu Television
  96. Phoenix News and Entertainment
  97. RTP Internacional
  98. SuperSport WWE
  99. SuperSport Blitz
  100. SuperSport Variety 1
  101. SuperSport Variety 2
  102. SuperSport Variety 3
  103. SuperSport Variety 4
  104. SuperSport Football
  105. SuperSport Football Plus
  106. SuperSport LaLiga
  107. SuperSport Premier League
  108. SuperSport Action
  109. WWE
  110. ESPN
  111. ESPN 2 HD
  112. Faith Broadcast Network
  113. TBN
  114. DayStar
  115. IQRAA
  116. Islam Channel
  117. Eternal Word Television Network
  118. Emmanuel TV
  119. Dove TV
  120. TV Mundial
  121. DMX – Adult Contemporary
  122. DMX – Today’s Hits
  123. DMX – Y2K Hits
  124. DMX – Contemporary Instrumentals
  125. DMX – 70’s Hits
  126. DMX – 80’s Hits
  127. DMX – Familiar Favourites
  128. DMX – Soft Hits
  129. DMX – Love Songs
  130. DMX – Metro Blends
  131. DMX – Cityscapes
  132. DMX – Groove Lounge
  133. DMX – House Party
  134. DMX – Power Hits
  135. DMX – Dance
  136. DMX -Trots Afrikaans
  137. DMX – Campus Rock
  138. DMX – Alternative
  139. DMX – Hard Rock
  140. DMX – Classic Rock
  141. DMX – Golden Oldies
  142. DMX – 90’s Hits
  143. DMX – Classic R&B
  144. DMX – Urban Adult Contemporary
  145. DMX – Urban Beat
  146. DMX – Reggae
  147. DMX – Modern Country
  148. DMX – Traditional Country
  149. DMX – Gospel
  150. DMX – African Rhythms
  151. DMX – Italian Contemporary
  152. DMX – Smooth Jazz
  153. DMX – Classic Jazz
  154. DMX – Blues
  155. DMX – Beautiful Instrumentals
  156. DMX – Light Classical
  157. DMX – Arias and Overtures
  158. DMX – Chamber Music
  159. BBC World Service English
  160. BBC World Radio 2
  161. BBC African Languages
  162. Voice of America
  163. World Radio Network
  164. Channel Islam Internationale
  165. Radio France Internationale
  166. TransAfrica Radio
  167. Joy Prime
  168. eTV Africa
  169. NTA I
  170. Silverbird
  171. Channels
  172. MiTV
  173. K24
  174. Metro TV
  175. GTV
  176. TV3
  177. Fiesta GH
  178. Adom TV

DSTV Ghana Compact Package

DStv Ghana Compact package gives you access to a wide variety of programmes and hours of entertainment in the comfort of your own home. The cost of subscription for DSTV compact in Ghana is GHS179/month. With this subscription, you have the opportunity to enjoy 165 channels across the world.

DSTV Ghana Family Package

This is a whole DSTV family package which was deliberately designed to give your family all they need to be entertained at a very affordable price per month. It costs GHS90 per month. With DStv Family package you have access to 139 Channels across the globe. This is to make family time more entertaining and relaxing.

DSTV Ghana Access Package

DStv Access is an introductory package to the DStv family, designed to offer choice and value for money. DStv Access introduces an exciting viewing experience with a wide variety of categories from Movies & Entertainment, News & Commerce to Culture, Religion and Lifestyle.

This is the most economical of all the packages coupled with its number of channels. It costs GHS50 per month and it contains 124 Channels.

DStv Ghana Indian Bouquet Package

The DStv Ghana Indian Bouquet is a collection of Indian content channels ranging from general entertainment to documentaries lifestyle and news channels. It costs GHS 32/month with 15+ Channels.

DStv Ghana Decoders

There are two available decoders for DStv subscribers in Ghana; DStv Explora and HD Zapper Decoder.

DStv Explora Decoder

The DStv Explora offers subscribers a viewing and recording environment and includes services like DStv Catch Up, Box Office, and remote recording. The Cost of the DStv Explora decoder in Ghana is GHS 499 (Once-off).

DStv Catch up

The DStv Catch Up allows you to catch up on series, sports highlights, movies, documentaries, kids’ shows and more. And if you connect your DStv Explora to the internet, you’ll discover hundreds of extra Catch up titles – all downloadable straight to your DStv Explora to watch in your own time.


BoxOffice gives you the perfect excuse to plan a big family night in. Now you can rent any of the 20 blockbuster movies from the comfort of your own couch, and keep them for 48 hours.


HD Viewing

The DStv Explora’s high definition viewing will push you to the edge of your seat and make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

The Playlist

The Playlist is where you can find your whole family’s DStv recordings. And, because you can record up to 220 hours, the DStv Explora neatly arranges your recording into categories. We’ll even group all your series recordings together, making it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

DStv HD Zapper Decoder

The HD Zapper Decoder shows that big entertainment comes in small packages. This compact decoder lets you catch all of the action in crystal clear HD picture quality and has user friend HD menus and interactive apps. The Cost of the DStv HD decoder in Ghana is GHS 139 (Once Off).

DStv XtraView

DStv customers can watch different live TV shows in three separate rooms at the same time. You can now connect three decoders using XtraView.

The good news is you only pay one subscription fee plus an Access Fee for each XtraView connection.

The ability to connect three decoders under one subscription gives our customers more flexibility to create a set up that suits their family needs.

DStv customers must use a DStv Explora decoder as their primary decoder, and then link any combination of DStv Exploras or Single View DStv HD decoders in this three decoder arrangement. We recommend customers use an accredited DStv installer for their set up.


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  2. Pls I’m an installer.
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  4. Please, am from Ghana,,I use to pay 145gh which I understand is now 152gh but av been trying to make payment but not going through the system keeps telling me my amount due is 222.73gh,and I dnt understand….I called 0244740540but keeps coming rejected..

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  7. Why has Dstv decided to increase the prices even tho there is a pandemic and hardship everywhere and yet still remove most of the channels form both the family and access packages?☹️Like this is soo not fair at all @dstvghana

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    Please I will like to find out if it is possible to select some of the programmes from the family package to the Access package and top up the fees for the Access package. I have really enjoyed it over the COVID 19 period. I wish I could afford the family package but my budget cannot pay.

    Please treat it as urgent to take decision on that.

    Thank you

  9. Hello sir, i world like to know why your rates stays the same at this time of the year where business is slow everywhere. Secondly most channels that pushed me premium package are soccer channels but recently they are no games why not compensate your clients and adjust rates? Thank you

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