Difference Between a Job and a Career


Whenever the word job and career is mentioned, many people see their job as their career. A job is an activity that a person does for a living while a career is something related to pursuing a passion. The difference between a job and a career is getting blurred as time goes by.

In a layman’s definition, a job is a position of regular employment that is paid. On the other hand, a career is a progress of an individual in a particular profession or in an organization.

Many people get a job after school, but they switch their job due to some factors. But that is not the case with a career, where you can stay on a career path for a long time.

Differences Between Job and Career

What then is the difference between job an career. This article will highlight the major difference between job and career.

What is a Job

A job may be defined as a task or activity performed by an individual on a part-time or full-time basis to earn money. The person who performs the job is called an employee and the person for whom the job is performed is known as an employer.

A job involves both physical and mental energy. There is a fixed time for doing a job. Certain duties, functions, rights, and responsibilities are associated with each job.

A job is one of the best sources of income to earn a living. Most young school leavers need a job to earn a steady income, gain experience, get independent and settle. People can easily switch jobs once the purpose for which they joined the job is accomplished or when they get some better opportunity elsewhere.

What is a Career

A career is defined as the profession or occupation endeavored by an individual for an important period of his lifetime. It can also be said to be the series of job that a person has done all through his life. Career is not confined to a job, but it is a course of life, in which a person employs his knowledge, skills, education, and competencies.

Career is bigger than just making money to satisfy your daily needs. It has to do with passion. It is something for which a person can take any kind of risk, it is what a person wants to see himself as in the future.

With regards to a career path, attention is paid towards the job satisfaction rather than money. They will learn new things, research about their career as much as they can, lifetime relationship with clients, and other prospects.

Differences Between Job and Career

The major differences between job and career are highlighted as follow;

1. A job is defined as a task or activity performed by a person for getting a salary or wages. Career is defined as an occupation or profession performed by a person for his entire life.

2. A job is a trip while a career is a journey.

3. People hold a job for a short term while a career is seen as a long-term goal.

4. People invest their time and skills to earn money for a living in a job, but in career, you invest your time in following your dreams.

5. A job is a means of securing the needs of life, but a career is an end in itself.

6. A job could be either part-time or full-time. Conversely, a career is working without season just to learn and explore more.

7. Special education and skills are required in a job. On the other hands, a career needs specialization in a specific field.


With this article, it is now clear that there is a clear difference between a job and a career. There can be many jobs in a person’s life. But we can say that there is only one career in a person’s life that incorporates all the jobs. A job gives you money to take care of your needs but a career does not only give you money but opportunities to do what you love as well as satisfaction.

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