Check 4-Year B.Ed Curriculum Developed for Colleges of Education

A new 4-Year B.Ed curriculum for Initial Teacher Education which was jointly developed by a team of faculty members from UEW, UG, UDS and KNUST with the support of Colleges of Education has been given accreditation by the National Accreditation Board.

The team of international experts who assessed the curriculum describe it as:
“All the courses are appropriate in terms of their breadth and depth of the programme and to the developmental stages of both pupils and students and to their learning needs, interest and concerns. The model of the teacher and of progressive teacher development in the programme is firmly located in the National Teachers Standards and is designed to develop a secure, shared understanding between students, teachers, mentors and tutors”.

“Overall, the structure meets the outline provided in the Curriculum Writing Guide and is tied directly to the National Teacher Education Curriculum Framework. The programme is appropriate for the grade level specialism with adequate adjustments made to focus on the specific needs for the age group”. – International Assessors.

This curriculum is ready for immediate implementation by the Universities and Colleges of Education. This world-class curriculum is built around 4 Pillars – Subject Knowledge, Language and Literacy Pedagogy, and Supported Teaching with emphasis on cross-cutting issues such as equity and inclusion, ICT, core values and transferable skills among others.

This new curriculum will prepare teachers who can improve the learning outcomes of Ghanaian children.

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