CareMount Medical Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some pertinent questions regarding the CareMount Medical patient portal? Then you are at the right place. In this guide, you will get answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding the CareMount Medical patient online services.




What is a Patient Portal?

Patient Portal is a secure central location where you can view and request the following:

  • Receive Appointment Reminders
  • Request Appointments and Prescription Refills
  • Request, View, and Download your Health Summary
  • View your Clinical Visit Summary
  • Access Education Materials

NOTE! Bill pay is NOT done through the Patient Portal.

How to download messages

1. Log into your patient portal account
2. Hover over the “Mail” tab and select “Export Messages”
3. Select the following:

      • a.


       CareMount Medical
      • b.

    Sent to:

      Your Name
      • c.



4. Enter the desired date range
5. Click “Download Messages”
6. Click “OK” when the confirmation message appears.
7. Downloaded messages are saved to the “Downloads” folder on your computer.

To download Documents, Medications, or your Personal Health Record, change the Type selection in step 3, then repeat steps 4-7.

First time users log in information

If this is your first time logging into the patient portal, please refer to the information below for help logging on.

To visit the Patient Portal  click here

As a patient, you are already enrolled as a member and do not need to click on Enroll Now.

Please use the following information to log in:

  • User Name:  your email address (enter your email address in lower case)
    e.g. [email protected]
  • Password: your initials + 5 digit zip code (enter your initials in lowercase)
    e.g. jd12345
  • Security Question:  the default answer to the question is “red” (enter your answer in lowercase)

Upon sign-on, you will be prompted to change your password and security question.

If you experience any difficulty logging on, please contact 914-242-1555 for assistance.

What Devices can I use to access Patient Portal?

You can access Patient Portal on

  • Any PC or laptop with the following browser
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 & 10
    • Android
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Opera
  •  Mobile phone and tablet devices (not all Mobile/Tablet device are compatible)
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4
    • Nexus 7
    • Windows 8 Tablet
    • Apple iPod Touch
    • Apple iPhone
  •   Apple Devices (when both the Operating System (OS) and Safari have been updated within the past 12 months)
    • Apple ipad
    • Apple Mac

What is “Inbox”?

The Inbox is where you will receive communication from your healthcare professional(s). For example, if you request medical record information, you will be notified in your inbox that it is ready to download or view through the portal.

You will also receive electronic notification that your statement is available.

Other items you will see in your inbox:

  • Unread message
  • Read message
  • Appointment response
  • Medication response
  • Document
  • Template to be completed
  • IMH form to be completed
  • Statement to be paid
  • Personal Health Record

How do I request my Medical Record?

  1. To request and view your medical records online, do the following:
    1. Hover over the My Chart tab
    2. Choose Request Health Record
    3. Click Submit
  2. You will receive a message Your request has been successfully submitted
  3. The system will process your request.  You usually get it within the hour to your CareMount Portal Inbox, but it may take up to 24 hours for your records to download.
  4. When records are available you will receive an email with the subject line Personal Health Record
  5. To view your medical record, login to the portal
    1. Go to My Chart
    2. Click on View My Records


    1. Click on Mail
    2. Click on Inbox
    3. Open your Personal Health Record

Do I have to download my Medical Record document?

No, but it is easier to read and understand the information received.

Understanding your Medical Record information

  • Demographic Information – Information obtained by CareMount Medical when you registered as a patient with CareMount Medical.
  • Medications – List of active or inactive medication.
  • Allergies – Any allergy information recorded at the time of your visits.
  • Immunizations – List of immunizations.
  • Problems – List of reasons diagnosed for your visit.
  • Procedures – Any procedure performed at CareMount Medical
  • Results – Any results obtained from laboratory, in office testing or radiology exams performed.
  • Payer – Insurance Carrier
  • Family History – Any family history.
  • Social History – Any social history obtained during visit.
  • History of Present Illness – A more detailed description of the reason or history given on the visit.
  • Vital Signs – (Height, Weight, Temperature, head circumference, etc.) Information recorded or other measurements taken during your visit.
  • Instructions – Any additional instructions given to the patient at time of visit.

What is “Research Center”?

The research center is a link to Health Wise. Health Wise is a Accredited Health website. They provide health information and patient education. You can search through Interactive Tools, Health Topics, Learning Centers or browse through other health information.

What is “View Audit History”?

You can view your history of visits to the CareMount Medical Patient Portal as well as any time information was sent to your CareMount Medical Patient Portal account.

Can I schedule an appointment online within the Patient Portal?

Appointments can be scheduled online on our secure booking site. You may also click the SCHEDULE ONLINE button which appears on the top banner of every page of our CareMount website to access online appointment scheduling.

Why can’t I make a payment on my account?

If you do not have a current statement showing a balance owed, then the system will not allow you to make a payment through the portal.

I received a statement in the mail, but I can’t see it on the portal

After a patient registers for the portal for the first time, they have to wait one billing cycle before a statement will appear on the portal. You are welcome to call our Patient Assistance line 844-279-5734 and request and on-demand statement for sooner access.

Why can’t I see the payment I made through the portal or why hasn’t my balance changed?

Payments and balances are updated in 7 business days.

How can I pay my bill online?

Visit to pay your bill online.

  • If this is your first time paying your bill online with our new billing system, you will need the MyEasyMatch code
  • The MyEasyMatch code is on your new paper statement and is located on the bottom perforated portion of the statement
  • You only need the MyEasyMatch code once to setup your bill pay account
  • For assistance, please contact either Carla Bramwell at 914-302-8463 or Janae Mason at 914-242-2990

Can I post more than one payment at a time?

Currently, the system allows only one payment per statement cycle for each account.

Can I void a payment I made?

In order to have a payment voided, you must call CareMount Medical Patient Assistance at 844-279-5734 to request the payment be voided on the same day that it was made on the portal.

How do I add a dependent to my account on the portal?

Please contact our Patient Assistance Department at 844-279-5734 to have a dependent added to your account on the portal.

If you have any questions regarding your medical information, you should contact your physician.


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