Business Analyst Job Description – What Are their Duties

Businesses, multinationals, and consumer-focused companies have on thing in common, they seek to understand how processes are managed within their organizations to yield profitable results. Business analysts have been able to answer such questions over the years. With the presence of technology, they are able to make well-informed decisions whilst giving practical solutions to every organization which requires their service.

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Job Profile For Business Analysts

Your work as a business analyst might involve you spending time with project management units in your organization. This is because your work has to do with analyzing, evaluating trends, and refining previous business models used. Due to your job requirements which involves a lot of technical processes, a great knowledge of recent technology advancement with respect to data processing, analysis, and organization is necessary for your growth as an analyst. Working hours usually are between 9-5 on weekdays.


Job Description Of Business Analysts

The daily schedule of business analysts includes;
  • Evaluation of business processes and identifying possible solutions to new challenges.
  • Good knowledge of the organizations business model, vision and mission statement
  • Up-to-date knowledge on modern technology which can be implemented for business growth
  • Carrying out data analysis on available data
  • Presentation of data analysis results and other findings to other members of the team
  • Training and updating staff on recent advances in their areas of specialization
  •  Provide access to training materials for staffs
  • Ensuring solutions are cost-effective and realistic
  • Study user need and Competitions in the market

What Skill Should I Have As A Business Analyst?

Some of the relevant skills you should be deliberate about having includes;

  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Knowledge of data analysis software and its applications
  • Working alongside team members
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills
  • The ability to generate original ideas
  • Great leadership and time management skills
  • Taking initiative and making quick decisions under pressure

Who Are The Employers Of Business Analysts?

In case you were wondering where your degree as a business analyst would enable you to work in, here are some of the areas you can consider sending your applications to after graduation:

  • Consulting and professional service firms
  •  Government Organisations
  • Technology-related firms
  • Multinationals e.g Nestle
  •  Banks

What Step Can I Take To Become A Business Analyst?

Usually, people who have a degree in;

  • Business or an MBA
  •  Economics
  • IT-related subject(computer science)

are more preferred for available jobs. In recent times, graduates who have demonstrated required work experience regardless of their educational background are also considered during selection processes.


Business analysts are sometimes required to work on a short term project which may be more of consulting while on other occasions they might be involved with the whole process from research until the implementation stage.


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