Brighter Investment Scholarship for UDS Students

Brighter Investment Scholarship for UDS Students.

Brighter Investment believes every talented student should be able to pay for a quality education. If you’re selected for the program, you’ll receive full payment of tuition feeshousing fees and a monthly stipend from Brighter Investment Ghana. You will also be paired with a mentor to help you be more successful at your education and the start of your career.

Upon graduation and after national service, students repay a pre-agreed percentage of their income for a fixed number of years. Repayment that depends on your income ensures that no student ever gets into debt problems.

To apply, visit



  • Tuition Fees
  • Housing Fees
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Mentorship & career coaching


  • Visit
  • Click on APPLY NOW FOR SEP­2017!
  • Select your country, status, desired degree and click submit
  • Follow the instructions and keep an eye out for our emails!

Note: To complete your application, you are required to get a teacher/lecturer’s email for recommendation. You will also require a scanned Copy of WASSCE Results and a scanned Copy of a Valid ID


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