Bank of Ghana Exchange Rates Today [USD, GDP, EUR and More]

Do you want to know the current exchange rate at the Bank of Ghana? We’ve compiled the Bank of Ghana exchange rates today for Dollars, British Pound, Euros, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Naira, Rand and lots more.

Exchange rates in Ghan are regulated by the Bank of Ghana. These exchange rates reflect on what you’ll get in the black market. So, just to be guided, you can use this information to estimate the current exchange rate today in Ghana.

Bank of Ghana Exchange Rates Today


But before we look at exchange rates today in Ghana, let’s take a close look at how the Ghanian Cedi has evolved over time.

The Ghanaian cedi is the unit of currency in Ghana. The currency became the fourth currency and only current legal tender in the Republic of Ghana. One cedi is divided into one hundred pesewas. The first legal tender was the Ghanaian pound which was used between 1958 and 1965. By 1965, Ghana decided to change to their first cedis which was used between 1965 and 1967 before it then changed to the second which was used between 1967 to 2007. The forth cedis is the one currently in use, introduced in 2007. This Ghana cedis (GHS) has 17% inflation rate. It has been said to have lost 75% of it value.

Bank of Ghana Exchange Rates Today

The below exchange rate was gotten directly from the Bank of Ghana website. It is paired 1 unit of another currency to the Ghana cedis. Note that the exchange rate is updated daily on the Bank of Ghana website.

Currency Code Buying Selling
U.S Dollar USD 5.7974 5.8032
Pound Sterling GBP 7.9766 7.9852
Swiss Franc CHF 6.3007 6.3069
Australian Dollar AUD 4.2731 4.2785
Canadian Dollar CAD 4.6113 4.6157
Danish Kroner DKK 0.9177 0.9185
Japanese Yen JPY 0.0525 0.0525
New Zealand Dollar NZD 4.0489 4.0541
Norwegian Kroner NOK 0.6545 0.6549
Swedish Kroner SEK 0.6680 0.6684
S/African Rand ZAR 0.3909 0.3911
Euro EUR 6.8246 6.8314
Chinese Renminbi CNY 0.8946 0.8950
BCEAO XOF 96.0209 96.1165
Dalasi GMD 8.7625 8.9090
Ouguiya MRO 61.3761 61.8934
Naira NGN 70.7653 71.0480
Leone SLL 1752.1851 1788.8639
Ecowas WAUGHS 0.0507 0.0507



Importantly, the exchange rate published daily on the Bank of Ghana website is computed from data submitted by all banks in Ghana. Each working day, all banks submit data on all spot US$/GH¢ transactions concluded on the reporting day before 2.00 pm.

The data covers all spot transactions on the interbank markets as well as transactions with their clients that have nominal values of US$10,000 or more. The data submitted is used to compute the weighted average exchange rate. The weighted exchange rate is published on the Bank of Ghana website, as the closing rate for the day’s transactions.


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