Aspire Food Group Ghana Recruitment 2020

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for Aspire Food Group Ghana Recruitment 2020.

Aspire Food Group Ghana is an international social enterprise dedicated to the sustainable practice of farming edible insects. With offices in the US and Ghana, Aspire seeks to farm locally desired insects as a way to address food insecurity. In Ghana, Aspire farms the palm weevil larva, a local delicacy that has been traditionally harvested. Aspire Ghana seeks to rapidly scale its production, co-develop packaged products and to take advantage of export opportunities to other West African countries

Job Description

  • Company: Aspire Food Group Ghana
  • Location: Ghana
  • State: Kumasi
  • Job type: Full-Time

Job Title: Accounting Manager

Position Description:

  The Accounting Manager (AM) reports directly to upper management​  and the President.  The AM owns all daily, monthly, and annual accounting processes: Transactions, Supervision, Review, Reporting, and Recordkeeping.  This applies to Purchases,

Sales, Payroll, Human Resources, Inventory Management, Cash Management and General Ledger.  The successful candidate above all ensures transactional accuracy & validity and is capable of implementing and/or modifying processes to this end.   He/she is capable of basic financial analysis and basic modelling to inform strategic corporate decision-making- all to aid business stability, growth, and viability for the benefit of all employees.  The AM also has a prevailing mandate to manage costs and will have the authority to approve/deny purchase/maintenance requests to a GHS threshold.  The AM works closely with a sub-contractor responsible for most data entry; the AM has ownership and responsibility for all outsourced tasks.  The successful candidate is resourceful, diplomatic, pivots quickly to meet and manage competing priorities, organized, proactive, takes initiative, and able to work independently to ggghhensure the needful is executed in a timely, accurate manner.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, including copy of certificate or completion of an Accounting related Certificate/Diploma program, including proof of successful completion AND a link to a program description
  • Minimum 3 years’ accountancy experience in a manufacturing or processing facility or with a licensed accountancy practice
  • Excellent Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets skills

Core competencies

  • Strong understanding and application of Cost Accounting Principals: Inventory management
  • Strong understanding and application of Cost Accounting Principals: COGS including direct labour and overheads
  • Strong understanding and application of all Regulatory Requirements: Payroll and remittances
  • Strong understanding and application of all Regulatory Requirements: VAT on Sales  Strong understanding and application of all Regulatory Requirements: Vendor withholding
  • Ability to build and maintain critical External Relationships including : Government Authorities, Financial Institutions, Accountants, Vendors, Sub-Contractors, etc.
  • Ability to review services/supply bids and negotiate pricing/payment terms.
  • Ease with physical and electronic recordkeeping of all Financial Records and supporting documentation.
  • Production of weekly, monthly, and annual Financial Reports as requested.
  • Human Resources Management including: Leave Management, Group Health Benefits, Advance requests/repayment, and Group Health Benefits. Payroll Management including: Overtime calculation and verification, regular salary and time clock pay, casual workers management and payment
  • Ability to supervise and manage all Cashflow Requirements of multiple petty cash, Mobile Money, and Banking. o Ability to perform all Cash Management related tasks related to Banking, ex: online payee maintenance, electronic file submissions, statement download, etc.


  • Comfort with G-Suite products o Accountancy experience in a food related industry. o Familiarity and ease to perform advanced financial modelling and financial analysis o Specific experience with any accounting software, especially Sage products
    • Specific experience with a payroll software o Basic IT/networking principles.
  • Additional desired qualities o Comfort with and quick grasp of online applications & software o Ability, willingness, and initiative to learn/research/enhance skills o Entrepreneurial mentality
    • Ability to comprehend the inter-dependencies of multiple teams and ramifications to accounting/finance
    • Excellent interpersonal communication that is transparent, concise, and accurate

Start Date:​  As soon as possible

Compensation:​ Salary commensurate with experience, education, and expertise.

Benefits:​ Mobile allowance immediately and health insurance after a 4-month period.

Job Location: KNUST, Kumasi


How to Apply

Application inclusion demand: Please​ submit your cover letter or letter of intention and CV titled “Accounting Manager Application”. Include a copy of your bachelor’s degree or a copy of any other accounting certificate/diploma including a link to the program description. Address your email to: Ms. Shobhita Soor, [email protected] .​Please ensure your CV includes

  • A listing of software used in any role.
  • A description of the business activities of each former employer
  • Where applicable, a description of the tasks performed at former employer(s) that are relevant to the Core Competencies.

All documents should be in PDF format and email must be titled *Accounting Manager Application* Only qualified applicants will be contacted.  


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