How to Apply for US Student Visa From Ghana

How to Apply for US Student Visa From Ghana … This is a complete guide on how to apply for student visa to study in the United States of America from Ghana – application fee, guideline, and requirements.

How to Apply for US Student Visa From Ghana


The United States is home to the best universities in the world. The United States has become an intriguing place to pursue a degree abroad for students all around the world. Not only will you earn a degree, you will surely love the baseball and (American) football.

As a foreign student from Ghana, you will need to apply for US student visa if you wish to school in any of United States  University.

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How to Apply for US Student Visa From Ghana

The following is a simplified process which would help you to successfully secure the travel document to United States of America:

US Student Visa

International students from Ghana will need the US student visa to study in United States. 

There are two categories of students visa for foreign student studying in US.

  1. The American F-1 student visa which is the most common type of student visa. If you wish wish to engage in academic studies in the United States at an approved school, such as an accredited U.S. college or university, private secondary school, or approved English language program then you will need an F-1 visa. You will also need an F-1 visa if your course of study is more than 18 hours a week.
  2. The American M-1 Visa – if you plan to engage in non-academic or vocational study or training at a U.S. institution then you will need an M-1 visa.

Duration of US Student Visa

The student visa duration depends on the program you choose. The US student visa is valid for up to your course period + 2 months. The US Student Visa allows you to stay during your entire degree programme, you may need to renew your visa every year. If you want to stay in US after your degree is over, you will have to apply for a different visa or a visa renewal through the immigration office.

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Cost of Study Visa for United States

The cost of the US Student visa is US$140 and is paid in local currency. You can pay the visa fee at the visa application centre in Ghana. Visit the visa application centre for more detailed information.

Required Documents for US Student Visa Application

  • A passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States.
  • A (DS-160) Visa confirmation page. The DS-160 Form must be submitted online (Fill Form Here).
  • One (1) 2″x2″ (5cmx5cm) photograph.
  • A receipt showing payment of your US$140 non-refundable visa application processing fee, paid in local currency.
  • An approved Form I-20 from your U.S. school or program.
  • A Form I-901 SEVIS fee receipt indicating the SEVIS fee has been paid. Visit the SEVIS website for more detailed information.
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) for Academic and Language Students.
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (M-1) for Vocational Students.
  • Do not forget that if your spouse and minor children intend to reside with you in the United States while you study, they must be registered in the SEVIS. And each person receives a separate Form I-20.
  • Documents demonstrating strong financial, social, and family ties to your home country that will compel you to return to your country after your program of study in the U.S. ends.
  • Bank statements, pay slips and other proofs to show how you will pay for your education, living and travel costs.  (NOTE: Photocopies of bank statements is not accepted).
  • Academic documents such as school transcripts (original copies are preferred) with grades, public examination certificates (A-levels, etc.), standardized test scores (SAT, TOEFL, etc.), and diplomas.
  • Proof of the student’s relationship to his/her spouse and/or child (e.g., marriage and birth certificates).

Caution: Do not present false documents. Fraud or misrepresentation can result in permanent visa ineligibility. If confidentiality is a concern, you should bring your documents to the Embassy in a sealed envelope. The Embassy will not make your information available to anyone and will respect the confidentiality of your information.

How to Apply for US Student Visa From Ghana

  1. Apply for admission into a US University or School. Once admitted, proceed to the next stage.
  2. Submit your online application form and pay your visa application fee.
  3. Schedule an online appointment at the American Embassy in Ghana for interview.

You should apply at least 3 months before your university degree programme starts. After applicatio, you can expect that you’ll wait about 10 to 14 days for the decision.

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Goodluck with your visa application. Please share your testimony on how to apply for US student visa from Ghana to encourage others.

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