Accra Community School Recruitment 2020

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified candidates for Accra Community School Recruitment 2020.

Accra Community School is a reputable community school championed by the Accra authorities.

We are recruiting to fill the following positions below;

Job Title: Foundation Stage Coordinator

Work Activities & Responsibilities

a foundation stage coordinator, your duties would include:

1.    To provide an excellent role model for teaching and learning

2.    To take responsibility for coordinating and leading developments in the EYFS

3.    To guide and support colleagues in the planning and delivery of the EYFS curriculum.

4.    To guide and support colleagues to ensure that they are clear about learning intentions/ objectives and success criteria, plan appropriate and relevant activities and understand the sequence of teaching and learning

5.    To monitor and evaluate planning and teaching and learning and to use this information to identify effective practice and areas for improvement, taking the necessary action to ensure improvement

6.    To monitor children’s work regularly for the appropriateness of content, progression and continuity between and within classes, consistency in standards of presentation and learning and use of the school assessment for learning policy

7.    To track attainment and ensure that information on pupils’ attainment is used effectively to ensure pupils’ progress

8.    To keep up to date with developments

9.    To liaise with the administration and other staff as appropriate

10. To attend meetings as appropriate, relating to the management of the school

11. creating a safe, caring and stimulating environment that promotes learning through play

12. supervising activity planning to make sure that children’s needs are met

13. working closely with parents and/or carers, giving them a high standard of customer service, including regular progress reports

14. working with colleagues and other professionals to make sure that children’s needs are met

15. making sure that equipment, such as furniture and toys, is in good condition; giving the administration continuous feedback about the fixed assets’ condition.

16. supporting and developing the nursery team

17. managing a budget agreed upon by the executive administrator

  1. Establishing and exercising a clear leadership in relation to raising achievement for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Students
  2. Creation and development of school programs to meet the needs of all EYFS children
  3. Achieving the highest possible standards of Education for pupils in the allocated classes
  4. Maintain an attractive and stimulating interactive learning environment, and to contribute to displays in the school as a whole
  5. Ensuring good progress in all areas of the foundation stage followed curriculum
  6. Positive leading role in the general life of the school (Special events, parties, ceremonies, visits..)
  7. To take part in whole school reviews of policy and aims and in the revision of formulation of guidelines
  8. Evaluating, Training and Mentoring all staff of the foundation stage including teachers and assistants
  9. Welcoming new parents and ensuring they understand the school policies and promoting good communication with the parents as well
  10. Build and maintain cooperative relationships with parents, and to communicate with them on pupils’ learning and progress, drawing attention to special skills and talents as well as to problems or difficulties
  11. To organize and coordinate displays of children’s classrooms by creating a stimulating environment for learning
  12. Classroom observations and monitoring of teachers’ planning and children’s work
  13. Reviewing and evaluating foundation stage teachers’ yearly plans, syllabus and daily plan books (Must be Confirmed by the executive administrator)
  • addition to evaluating teaching methods, materials and schemes of work and to make changes as appropriate
  1. To Maintain good order, behaviour and respect for others; to promote understanding of the school’s rules and values, and to develop relationships with and between children conducive to optimum learning
  2. Formulating letters to parents, informing them of events, news, meetings, etc..
  3. Formulating Timetables for foundation stage classes, exams timetables and playground supervision schedules that should be reviewed by the administrator and confirmed by the principal
  4. Responsible for the order and purchase of all requirements of the foundation stage, after being agreed upon by the executive administrator
  5. Hygiene issue following up in classrooms, playgrounds and washrooms of the foundation stage classes. The EYFS coordinator is fully responsible for maintaining a totally hygienic, clean and healthy environment for the children. Moreover, the Foundation Stage Coordinator is fully responsible for checking the hygiene and tidiness conditions in classrooms, playgrounds and washrooms every day before closing; In case of any disorder, she might take further actions with the assistants responsible for doing the above-mentioned duty.
  6. Welcoming children and their parents in the Morning time (To be present in the school at 7:30 A.M.), Supervising the teachers and assistants on duty during morning and break times (Playground supervision); Ensuring that all children are in a good condition, eating well, all materials are clean, assistants are taking good care of all children’s details…
  7. Reporting to the executive administrator on a daily basis.
  8. Writing Reports per each term, describing and assessing the Performance of the Foundation Stage Teachers and Assistants, the Students’ progress, Syllabus Follow up plans, Activities Follow up and Fixed Assets/Stocks current conditions as well
  9. Preparing lists of requirements for activities and following up the availability of each requirement before the date of using it (Should be ready One Week Before)
  10. Training Assistants and guiding them (Training sessions should be done at least once per term)
  11. Responsibility for Attendance sheet following up every day and informing the administration about any absence (Foundation Stage Teachers and Assistants)
  12. Making Absence records for students
  13. Formulating Toddlers class and playground supervision schedules and showing them to the administrator to be confirmed.
  14. Composing Texts for each Foundation stage Activity performed, and submitting it on the next day to the executive administrator
  15. Distribute school circulars and letters to all classes in the Foundation Stage and make sure that the letters have been distributed among all students. In case a student is absent, the letter should be kept for him/her to be given on when they come back to school.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should click here to apply.

Application Deadline: 15 August, 2020.


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