3 Most Important Documents Needed For National Service Registration

National service is a mandatory one year service required of every citizen by the state after completion of any tertiary institution in Ghana. The person is required to register in his or her final year in school and get posted to one of the three selected regions in order of preference. The service personnel will, however, have no control over the exact place he or she will be posted to in the selected region.

 Ghana National Service Scheme Application Guidelines

In every official registration, some important documents are needed without which the registration will be virtually impossible. Here are the three most important documents necessary to be able to undertake the national services registration successfully.

  1. Any National Identification Card. A nationally recognized identification card will be required in order to complete the registration process. The National identification card, Driver’s license, a national passport, the biometric health insurance card, the voters ID card among others are some of the cards that can be presented for the registration. Hopefully, supplementary registration for the voters ID card will be made in March 2016 so you can take advantage of it if you don’t already have a card. The biometric health insurance card can also be obtained by working into any of their offices. An amount in the region of 20 cedis would have to be paid for this card. The national passport can be obtained by following the due process of application. Students of University of Ghana can however take advantage of the SRC passport registration project which is set to continue this semester.
  2. The E-Zwich Card. This card is needed for the by government to be able to pay the monthly allowance that service personnel normally receive. In the quest to clean up ghost name from the national service scheme, the government over the past two years outlined a policy that permits only those with the e-zwich card to receive their monthly allowance. No allowance will be paid over the counter. For this reason, every individual must be able to present an e-zwish card during the registration process to be able to complete the form. Luckily, a student can just walk into any bank of his or her choice and request for an E-zwich account to be opened for him or her. This account is totally free. However, some banks may require an initial deposit which in most cases not more than Gh 10. I am also reliably informed that some form of arrangement is in the pipeline to bring some banks to UG campus for the final year students to undertake this card registration.
  3. The SSNIT card. One may ask of the essence of the SSNIT card too in national services registration. The fact is as long as an allowance will be paid by government, SSNIT would also be required to deduct its share.The good thing is that, the SSNIT card can be obtained by simply walking into any SSNIT office nationwide. The card is totally free and the registration is opened to every Ghanaian citizen.


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