How to Write a Powerful Statement of Interest

One of the hardest parts of any piece of writing is just getting started. Having the format of a statement of interest can help give you the structure on how to write. Most professional job opportunities require you to write a statement of purpose.


As part of the application process for certain positions, you may be asked to write a
statement of interest.

A statement of interest for a job should succinctly communicate your interest in the opportunity. Your statement should demonstrate that you have read and thoroughly understand what to expect to do at the job.



What is a Statement of Interest?

A letter of interest is a letter you send to your target company letting them know that you’re interested in working with them and seeing if there are any potential job opportunities that match up with your skillset.

Don’t confuse your letter of interest with your cover letter. Although they might contain similar things they are totally different. A cover letter will always accompany your resume when applying for a specific job at a specific time.

On the other hand, a letter of interest can be sent at any time whether or not the company is actively hiring and isn’t sent in response to a specific job opening. It is a way of introducing yourself to a company you’re interested in and seeing about the possibility of employment with them.

Things to Know Before Writing a Statement of Interest

Before you start writing your statement of interest, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I interested in this position? What is it about the organization’s mission or
    the duties entailed in the job that are drawing me to the position?
  • What skills, expertise and other qualities is the employer seeking? In many cases, this is spelt out pretty clearly in the position description. In other cases, you will need to give some thought to what skills you think would be important to the employer. What kinds of tasks would the job entail? What kinds of skills would you need in order to effectively complete those tasks?
  • Which of the above skills, etc, do I have?
  • What examples can I give to support my assertion that I have those skills?

Statement of Interest Format

Your statement of interest should not be in a letter format. Follow the format below to write a powerful statement of interest.

Your Contact Info

Write your contact details (name, address, telephone number, email address) at the top of the page.

Company Contact Info

You need to address your statement of interest to a real person. Avoid the cliche “To Whom It May Concern”. In most cases, the most appropriate person to address to is the Human Resource Manager.

Opening Paragraph

Introduce yourself and your intentions.

Qualification/Experience Paragraph

In this paragraph, you need to demonstrate just two things:

  1. How you add value
  2. Qualities that you possess.

This is where you need to give the organization reasons why you should be hired. Be careful not to sound arrogant. Pick two to three outstanding qualities and add them to this paragraph.


Here’s where to include a call to action. You want to make it crystal clear that you are interested in speaking more about the organization and work opportunities. Keep in mind that the employer may not have any openings at the moment, so what you are asking for is essentially an informational interview.


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