How 2024 WAEC Result Will Be Marked And Graded

WAEC marking scheme and grading system. Maybe you’ve been wondering how the West African Examination Council (WAEC) 2024 examination will be marked and graded. If you’ve ever asked how will WAEC mark and give scores for 2024 exams? then you’re at the right place.

In one of our articles, we’ve written on how to pass the 2024 WAEC exams in one sitting. Also, we have also written a comprehensive guide on how to check WAEC results when it is released.


WAEC Grading System

Under the new WAEC grading system, A1 is Excellent, B2 Very Good, B3 Good, C4, C5 and C6 are interpreted as Credit, D7 and D8 are interpreted as Pass, while F9 is Fail.

A1 and B2 in the WASSCE mean Excellent, B3 is B (Very Good), C4 is C (Good), C5 and C6 are D (Credit), D7 and E8 are E (Pass) and F9 is F (Fail).

WAEC Grading System and Interpretation (by Percentage)

Grade Definition
A1 Excellent 75% – 100%
B2 Very good 70% – 74%
B3 Good 65%- 69%
C4 Credit 60% – 64%
C5 Credit 55% – 59%
C6 Credit 50% – 54%
D7 Pass 45% – 49%
E8 Pass 40% – 45%
F9 Failure 0% – 39%

WASSCE Grading System / Interception



For instance, to get an A in WAEC 2020 Mathematics, you need to score above 75% in the Exam. 75% means you are able to get 75 questions correctly out of 100 questions.

If you are given 50 questions in a subject, 75% is equal to around 37 questions you answered correctly. This explanation also applies to other grades above.

How is WAEC Percentage Calculated?

To know whether you will score An A, B or C, divide the number of questions/marks you think you would get correctly by the total number of questions/marks possible and multiply by 100 per cent.

Example: If you were able to answer 40 questions correctly out of 60 total questions given in Oral English. To calculate your percentage, it will be (40/60)x100% = 66.67% = B3.

In an objective, all questions carry equal marks.

For WAEC Theory Questions

Calculate how many marks you are very sure of, then divide by the total marks the questions carry and multiply by 100%.

Example: You are required to answer 5 questions in the theory section. Each question carries 20 marks.

Let’s say you are able to answer 4 questions and sure of 15 marks out of a total of 20 marks for each question.

  • The total marks you are sure of is 15×4 = 60
  • Total number of marks you can get is 20×5 = 100
  • Your percentage score is (60/100)x100% = 60% = C4


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  1. Great site. Education gives us an understanding of the world around us and offers us an opportunity to use that to success.

  2. Pls I can not understand what is going on with my papers which I took part in the year 2020 0070503002
    Abor senior high school

    1. It is not converted, its added to your theory scores and then divided by the total available scores then multiplied by 100.

  3. Please I want to know that when marking mathematics paper do the markers convert the whole to hundred or they convert the theory only and add it to the objectives?

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