Wa Technical University Cut-Off Points 2023/2024

Wa Technical University Admission Cut-Off Points for 2023/2024 academic year | Wa Technical University (WTU) Approved Cut-off Points required for Admission into the institution.

Wa Polytechnic Admission Cut-Off Points

The University currently uses the standard cut off point of SSSCE aggregate 36 or better; WASSCE aggregate 24 or better; the ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels as well as the GBCE/ABCE qualifications to admit qualified applicant. The Faculties have also additional requirements to be satisfied by the applicant.


Wa Technical University Admission Cut-Off Points

Wa Technical University Cut off points 2023. This cut-off point is difficult to get even from the school.

According to Wa Technical University, cut off points are only used when a lot of people apply for a particular program.

In effect, the school does not have any standard cut-off point for applicants. The admission requirements are rather used instead of the cut of points. Students are however to take note that the cut of aggregate is aggregate 24 accumulated from three core subjects and three elective subjects relevant to the program of choice.

Wa Technical University Admission Requirements



Passes in three core subjects (English Language, Mathematics, and Integrated Science or Social Studies) plus credit passes  in three (3) relevant elective subjects.

For SSSCE CandidatesPasses (A—D) in six (6) subjects comprising three (3) core subjects, including English and Mathematics, and three (3) relevant elective subjects.

For WASSCE CandidatesPasses (A1—D7) in  three (3) core subjects, including English and Mathematics, and Credit passes (A1-C6) in three (3) relevant elective subjects.

The aggregate of the six subjects (i.e. three (3) core and three (3) electives) should not exceed aggregate thirty-nine (39) for WASSCE and aggregate 24 for SSSCE.

Candidates with a combination of the two grading systems will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

RSA Stage III/ ABCE Holders: Passes in two (2) subjects (at least, one of the passes should be a Grade D or better). Also the applicant  must have had credit passes in five subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies in the GBCE (old programme).

GBCE HOLDERS (New programme): Applicants must have  passes (A-D) in three (3) core subjects (English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science or Social Studies ) plus passes (A-D) in three (3) relevant elective subjects. The aggregate of the six subjects should not be more than twenty-four (24).

DBS Holders: DBS Holders’ applicants must hold at least five (5) DBS passes for Secretarial Option, or four (4) DBS passes for Accounting  Option Applicants must also hold four (4) WASSCE passes (A1-D7) or four (4) SSSCE passes (A-D) including English Language and Mathematics.

i.    Applicants must be at least 25 years old and have three (3) years professional practice in the relevant study area ii.    Applicants must pass an Entrance Examinations to be conducted by the Polytechnic in English Language and Mathematics.

iii.   In lieu of such examinations, the applicants should have credit  passes in English Language and Mathematics in WASSCE or any other nationally recognised standard High School level examinations.




Applicants must possess SSSCE/WASSCE passes in five (5) subjects including Mathematics and English Language.


(N.B. Passes in  WASSCE and SSSCE range from A1-E8 and A-E respectively).


Applicants must possess passes in NVTI, NACVET or their equivalence


Access is a one-year full-time intensive non-residential Programme. The Access Programme is designed to provide opportunity to the under-mentioned categories of graduates to pursue Higher National Diploma (HND) in Applied

Science and Engineering Programmes. The  subjects of study during the period of the programme are Core Mathematics, English Language and  Science.

i.   Holders of NVTI Certificates
ii.   Holders of Intermediate or Craft Certificates

iii.  Holders of Certificate II with problems with core Mathematics, English Language and  Integrated Science. The National Board for Professional and Technician  Examinations (NABPTEX) will conduct the end of year  Examinations. Successful applicants shall proceed to enrol in the Higher   National Diploma Programmes  of their choice.

Please note that the Access Programme is not limited to Programmes offered at the Wa Polytechnic. It is a Nationwide Programme, hence, applicants who may wish to prepare for Programmes offered in other Polytechnics in Ghana are welcome



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