UHAS Cut Off Points For 2024/2025 Admissions

The University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) Cut Off Points for 2024/2025 academic year has been released.UHAS Cut Off Points

The University of Health and Allied Sciences Cut off Points, UHAS Cutoff Point 2024/2025

The Management of the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) has released the admission cut off points for the 2024/2025 academic session.


The University of Health and Allied Sciences Cut off Points 2024 is very important in gaining admission process into the University. Candidates seeking admission into the University of Health and Allied Sciences must meet the cutoff point before being considered for admission.

The University of Health and Allied Sciences, UHAS Cut Off Points (WASSCE) 2024/2025.


 Bachelor of Nursing12
 Bachelor of Midwifery12
 Bachelor of Public Health Nursing14



 Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB)08
 Bachelor of Physician Assistantship12



 Doctor of Pharmacy08



 Bachelor of Medical Laboratory 15
 Bachelor of Dietetics 17
 Bachelor of Physiotherapy 17
 Bachelor of Diagnostic Imaging 17
 Bachelor of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences18
Orthotics & prosthetics 18



 Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology18



 Disease Control19
 Health Promotion23
 Health Information23


 Bachelor of Sports and Medical Sciences18

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  1. Please can I be admitted with this grades
    English – C5
    Maths – A1
    Social – B3
    Inter science – B3
    Chemistry – B3
    Elective – B3
    Biology – C6
    Physic – D7
    For medical imaging

  2. Please l was a business and l had these in my results
    English C6
    Mathematics C4
    int.sci C5
    Social studies B3
    Accounting B2
    Economics B3
    E mathematics C6
    BM A1
    Please can l offer medical laboratory at your institution

  3. Please I’m Beatrice Adjoda from the central region of ghana.please can I perdue medical biochemistry with the following results
    English c4
    C maths b3
    Science b3
    Social b3
    Chemistry b2
    Biology c4
    Physics c4
    E maths d7

    1. You don’t meet the cut off point for that programme. So I’ll advice you to select another programme that fit your grade

    2. Please am a Home Economics student please can I apply with this results
      Science B2
      English C4
      Maths D7
      Social B2
      Food A1
      E Biology B3
      MIL B3
      G.K.A A1

  4. Please can I offer bachelor of dietetics with aggregate 17.
    English B3
    Science B3
    Social A1
    Maths B3
    Economics B3
    Elective maths B2
    Geography C4
    Government B3

    1. Oh yes but you don’t meet the cut off point for this Programme. Unless you choose fee-paying or another programme. If anything, chat me on WhatsApp.

      1. Please can I offer Medical laboratory or Medical imaging with the results below
        Social studies A1
        English B3
        Core maths B3
        Int. Science B2
        E maths B3
        Biology B3
        Chemistry C4
        Physics C6

  5. Please can I offer dispensary technology with
    English B3
    Maths B3
    Social A1
    Integrated science B3
    E-maths B3
    Chemistry B2
    Biology B3
    Physics C6

  6. Please I’m a year 2 student pursuing a diploma course (nursing)
    Is there any way I could possibly pursue degree without completing the diploma course?
    If possible what would then be the requirements , as in GPA in all that?
    Thank you

  7. Pls can I get admission to pursue Bsc nursing
    With these grade
    Chem B3
    Phy C5
    Animal A1
    Int sci A1
    Eng B3
    Math C4

  8. Can I be admitted as a nursing student with the following grades?
    Social C4
    Physics B3
    Chemistry B3
    Biology B3
    E Maths C6
    Core Maths C4
    Science B3
    English C5
    I was General Science student

  9. Am solomon
    I had the folloqing grades can i use it to offer medlab or physician assistantship
    Core Math–B2
    Social Studies–A1
    E math–B3
    E Biology–B3

  10. Can i offer PA with this grades
    English c6
    Core math B2
    Science B2
    Social A1
    E.math B2
    Chemistry B2
    Physics c5
    Biology B3

  11. Pls can I offer physicians assistant or Pham D with this?
    Eng B3
    Soc B3
    Sci B3
    Math A1
    E maths B2
    Phy B3
    Bio B3
    Chem E8

  12. Pls, I had the following grades in my WASSCE in 2022:
    English B3
    Core Maths A1
    InterSc. A1
    Social Studies. A1

    Gov’t. A1
    CRS. A1
    Econs. B3
    Literature B3
    Can I pursue nursing at uhas?

  13. Please can I be admitted as laboratory technician with the following grades;
    English C4
    Mathematics C6
    Science C6
    Phycis C6
    Chemistry C6
    General agriculture C6
    I was an agricultural student in Senior high school

  14. Can I be admitted with the school of
    English C6,
    Social C5
    Maths A1
    Science A1
    Biology B3, Chemistry B3, E-Maths A1
    Physics A1
    Offering Medical Laboratory in the school

  15. Please can I be admitted to your school for medical laboratory or physician assistant with these grades
    English C4
    Core mathematics A1
    Science B2
    Biology A1
    Chemistry B2
    Elective mathematics C4

        1. Please can use this for nursing
          English B3
          Math B2
          Social C4
          Science B3
          Economics C4
          E-Math C4
          Geography B3
          Government C4

  16. Please can I be admitted to your school for medical laboratory with these grades
    English C4
    Core mathematics A1
    Science B2
    Biology A1
    Chemistry B2
    Elective mathematics C4

  17. Please I had B3 in soc ,B3 on english ,A1 in chemistry ,A1 in core maths , D7 in elective maths B2 in int . sci , B3 in physics ,B3 in biology .Please can I offer physician Assistant with my grades.

  18. I advisce if you really want do health program apply for any of diploma programs in Nursing And
    Midwifery training college before venturing for uhas for top up to be easier.
    There’s no harm in trying and only make sure you have apply for NMTC in addition.

  19. Please can I get admission to do any health related course with this grades
    Social B3
    Core maths C5
    English C4
    Inter Science B3
    Biology B3
    Chemistry B2
    Elective maths D7
    Physics C6

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