How to Check Your Vodafone Phone Number in Ghana (USSD)

How do I check my Vodafone phone number in Ghana? A common question asked by many subscribers who recently acquired a Vodafone sim in Ghana. It is even more embarrassing when you are being asked of your Vodafone number and you can’t provide.

In fact, for many, memorising your Vodafone phone number can be a little bit difficult. To help subscribers circumvent this, Vodafone Ghana has provided a USSD shortcode to check phone number.

As a subscriber, all you need to do is to dial the USSD shortcode to access your Vodafone phone number. With just a dial, you can now check your Vodafone phone number in Ghana.

How to Check Your Vodafone Phone Number

To check your Vodafone Ghana phone number, simply dial *127# and your number will be displayed on your phone screen. If you get any prompts instead, follow the instructions to find your phone number.

The process of checking your Vodafone phone number without experiencing a lot of hustle has been made simple by Vodafone. So, the burden of having to memorise your phone number has been eliminated.

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