Vladimir Okhotnikov: Liberland Is an Adventure That Turned into Success

In the analytical article, a publicist, Vladimir Okhotnikov discusses how virtual reality affects our lives. Using the example of the newly discovered mini-state, he raises global issues about the new structure of the world and the emergence of unexpected social and political relationships.

Vladimir Okhotnikov is an analyst, crypto investor, and expert in decentralised investment platforms, blockchain, and metaverses. He drew attention to the phenomenon of virtual reality: when the metaverse was realized in the real world, it did not arouse anyone’s interest.

Vladimir describes his understanding of metaverse concepts as a new artificial reality. The metaverse does not copy the real world; it is a digital space into which the best practices and technologies can be transferred.


Libertarian metaverse

The Liberland case is unique in many ways. The mini-state emerged in 2015 on a small island near the borders of Croatia and Serbia. This territory was legally recognized as terra nullius (“no man’s land”), which allowed the Czech libertarian Vit Jedlicka to declare this piece of land independent.

In reality, the island is practically uninhabited. However, the Free Republic of Liberland is actively developing its own metaverse, in which there are 700,000 people.

After analysing, Vladimir saw how people were attracted to revolutionary principles: “This is a constitutional republic, built on the ideas of meritocracy. Literally, “the power of the worthy.” In the new society, control over all spheres of activity, from justice to the electoral process, belongs to citizens.”

In the Liberland metaverse, humans acquire the status of “co-authors of justice.” They are included as much as possible in social processes according to their merits and abilities. Here, everyone can arbitrarily determine the amount of their own taxes and manage budget expenses.

According to Vladimir Okhotnikov, such a collectively fair, and transparent distribution will help eliminate financial inequality.

Vladimir Okhotnikov talks about a state that does not exist

Vladimir Okhotnikov learned that Liberland never received diplomatic recognition from UN member states. In the complete absence of useful resources, it is simply impossible to build an economy using traditional methods, and everyone understands this. Developing an eco-industry on the island or attracting tourists through music festivals is a futile endeavor.

We can only hope for a virtual economy. Liberland followed this path, betting on blockchain, Web3, and decentralized systems.

Which state proclaimed itself “an oasis for cryptocurrency maximalists”, why you cannot pay taxes in Liberland, and how the invasion of the Croatian security forces on the island ended—you will learn about all this in the article “How One Libertarian Became a President.”.

About Vladimir Okhotnikov

Vladimir Okhotnikov is known for his in-depth analytics and creative approach to presenting ideas. His publications are informative and thought-provoking on complex issues in modern society. In every article or commentary, he strives to convey current topics from the world of finance. In a word, Vladimir is a bright representative of the intellectual elite, capable of moving people towards the ideals of decentralization with his insight.

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