Universities Offering Medical Laboratory Technology in Ghana

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the list of universities offering medical laboratory science/technology in Ghana. However, before we give the list of institutions, let’s take a look at the responsibilities and requirements to becoming a laboratory technician or scientist in Ghana.

The Medical laboratory technician functions majorly in the health sector. They work mainly as medical laboratory technicians in hospitals and private medical research laboratories. However, they can also play a role in sectors like agriculture, biochemistry and food processing, where research work is done.

In the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry, laboratory technicians are also employed to run labs where the efficacies of drugs are tested before they are released onto the market.


What are the Career Opportunities for a Medical Laboratory Technology in Ghana

B.Sc Laboratory Technology is a science-based programme which trains students in the techniques needed to run laboratories. Students are trained in minute measurements and analysis of cells of living things, as well as analysis of elements, atoms and molecules.

They are also trained to validate the quality of equipment used in the laboratory, calibration of this equipment, and how to properly record research results in the laboratory.

Students are taught how to control conditions like temperature, humidity, and pressure, among others in the laboratory to suit the experiment or research work being undertaken.

They’re also trained in how to ensure aseptic and microorganism free environments in the laboratory, and how to ensure that there is no contamination of materials being analysed. This is a very critical aspect of the programme because contamination could result in wrong results after analysis, which is particularly dangerous in the field of medical laboratory technology. Safety techniques are also covered in the programme so scientists do not endanger their lives in undertaking any laboratory procedure.

General Entry Requirements for Laboratory Technology

Before a candidate is offered admission to study medical laboratory technology, he/she must meet theses entry requirements.

(i) Candidates must have passes in Core English, Core Mathematics and Core Science.

(ii) In addition to the above, candidates must have obtained aggregate 10 or better in Physics, Mathematics, and either Chemistry or Biology at grades not lower than D in three

(iii) of the following elective subjects:     Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics with grades not lower than D in Biology and one (1) other Science subject.

Universities Offering BSc Medical Laboratory Technology

Below is the list of universities in Ghana offering medical laboratory technology

  • University of Ghana, Legon
  • University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast
  • Accra Technical University (Medical Laboratory Science)
  • University of Energy and Natural Resources (Medical Laboratory Science)
  • Kumasi Technical University
  • Alpha College of Technology
  • University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho
  • University for Development Studies
  • Baldwin University College (Medical Laboratory Science)

Importantly, some of these universities may offer the course as Medical Laboratory Science. However, above is the list of all universities in Ghana that offers Medical Laboratory Technology/Science.

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  1. Please can I offer for medical laboratory with this result
    Mathematical B3
    Science B2
    Physics B3
    E Mathematics B3
    Chemistry C5
    Biology D7
    Social E8
    English D7

  2. Can I offer medical lab with this results
    Maths B3
    Science B3
    Social B3
    English D7
    Physics C6
    Chemistry B3
    Animal husbandry C6
    General Agriculture D7

  3. Please can I offer medical lab with this results
    Social – A1
    C. Maths – B2
    English – C6
    Science – B3
    E-maths – C4
    Chemistry – B3
    Biology – B3
    Physics – C5

  4. Pls can you offer medilab with this result
    Physics B3
    Mathematics B3
    Science B3
    Social B2
    English C5
    Chemistry C4
    Elective Mathematics B3
    Biology B3

  5. Pls can offer Doctor pharmacy or medical laboratory sciences in any of the universities especially knust or uds with the results below
    English =B3
    Elective maths=B3

  6. Maths C4
    English E8
    Science C6
    Social C5
    Business Management A1
    Financial Accounting B2
    Cost Accounting C4
    Economics C6

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