5 Best Universities in the UK for a Master in International Relations

Are you considering pursuing an international relations degree? Are you looking for a study abroad programme as well?

Students who get a Master’s degree in International relations will be capable of maintaining constructive diplomatic relationships between nations.

You also obtain a thorough knowledge of complicated problem-solving in a worldwide environment.

A listing of “5 best Universities for Masters in International Relations in the UK” has been assembled here.

There are several world-renowned UK educational institutes, schools, and universities that offer the finest degree in International Relations for a student’s future employment to the moon and beyond.


What is Masters in International Relations?

International Relations is a subfield of the Social Sciences. Geography, History, Linguistics, Finance, Ethics, Religion, Business, and Law are just a few of the areas it ties to. International Relations professionals examine global issues such as inequality, civil rights, and morality and attempt to develop answers based on a multidisciplinary study.


During their studies, students learn about the effects of globalization and government policies. They also study how governance systems function and what their worldwide impact is.

You’ll also learn how national security concerns influence foreign policy choices. This is closely connected to the interactions between transnational corporations and governments. You’ll also learn important skills like:

  • Communications
  • Negotiating
  • Research
  • Problem-solving abilities

These will be useful if you become an ambassador and have to negotiate a favorable deal amongst countries.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University is a forward-thinking institution that has been named the Welsh University of the Year.

As a worldwide institution, it has nearly 7,000 overseas students from over 120 countries worldwide.

The ‘Centre for Student Life,’ located in the centre of the Campus, houses various student assistance centres. Each year, the Institute awards grants to deserving students.

As part of its greatest campus improvement in a decade, the University is investing significant amounts of money to deliver world-class amenities to its scholars.

The Institution has a global reputation as a participant of the distinguished Russell Group of the UK’s 24 best research institutions.

Lancaster University

Lancaster University is a Lancashire-based public research university.

With pupils from over 80 countries around the world, the institution is appreciative of its global community and strives to provide all students with a worldwide experience during their stay there.

The institution offers a global network of research and teaching connections, many of which offer students intriguing possibilities to work or study overseas.

Strong relationships exist between colleges in the United States and Asia.

Lancaster also maintains collaborations with schools in China, Europe, Africa, and Singapore.

Lancaster University’s contemporary campus is available to students.

During the school year, the newly rebuilt library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with over 1,200 workstations and peaceful study areas.

Students have access to a careers centre outside of the classroom, which may assist them with everything from job applications to cover letters.

London School of Economics and Political Science

An MA in International Relations is available at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

You can also concentrate on certain areas or nations, such as Europe, the Gulf Region, Eurasia, and Africa, or individual countries, such as China, Belarus, and the United States.

You’ll also complete a 10,000-word dissertation that lets you delve deeply into a chosen subject, as well as two units of optional coursework.

UK/EU students have to pay £22,440 in tuition, whereas international students are paying up to £28,440. Apart from tuition, you have to pay extra for student accommodation in London and other expenses.

Coventry university

Coventry University’s intriguing course examines international relations from a theoretical and practical standpoint, as well as in the context of modern challenges and occurrences in culture and government.

You’ll take eight modules that cover a variety of conceptual and empirical perspectives to the discipline of international relations, including courses on diplomacy and the issues that the international order faces.

You can investigate the behavior of public, inter-governmental, and non-governmental organizations, private sector, and international organizations in connection to significant issues to international cohesiveness, such as extremism, instability, and poverty, using case studies and real occurrences while you are in student housing of Coventry.

This course would enable you to explore and understand difficulties and obstacles confronting our increasingly linked society if you want to pursue an international career in politics, governance, diplomacy, policy development, or academia.

King’s College London

King’s College London provides students with the potential to delve deeply into subjects such as international migration, ethics, and individual rights, economic interdependence, conflict, political unrest, and stability from various viewpoints such as politics and international relations, psychology, and sociological theories.

The International Relations MA at King’s College London will offer you a thorough and balanced grasp of the factors driving the globe, as well as the difficulties these factors represent to individual governments and international society.

The flow of money and populations, the creation of collaborative partnerships that cross state borders, the effects of foreign information communication technologies, the upsurge of racial politics, regional development, and international armed conflicts have all had considerable consequences on the government, inter-state relations, and international diplomacy. 


We hope this article helps you in finding the best university that fits your academic and professional needs and best of luck with your endeavor!

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