8 Key Reasons Why You Should Do Your Internship Abroad

Due to the competitive nature of today labour market, doing an internship abroad could distinguish you among other applicants. An internship abroad provides professional opportunities, career benefits, and an opportunity to get to know yourself better.

In case you’re wondering how do I get an internship abroad, there are a number of international organisations offering internship abroad to international students. Abroad internship can sometimes be fully-sponsored, partial-sponsor or not sponsored at all.

If you can afford to sponsor your internship abroad, fine, however, if you can’t, I recommend you explore some paid and sponsored internship opportunities in your field of studies.

If you’ve been asking is doing an internship abroad worth it? In this article, I will show you the 8 most important reasons why you should do your internship abroad.


1. Make Your CV Outstanding

One of the most important reasons why you should do your internship abroad is that it makes your CV outstanding. Employers value international experience and this gives you an edge in the labour market. Additionally, it gives you hands-on experience in your field of study.

Getting an internship abroad will make your CV stand out from a pool of applicants. You’ll be able to add a range of soft and hard skills to your CV. Additionally, abroad internship offers you an opportunity to complete personal projects under the supervision of a mentor.

2. Access to Job Abroad

Although abroad internship doesn’t necessarily guarantee a job abroad it can definitely help bring you closer to your goal of securing a job abroad. It’s an opportunity to gain international experience, and add an international company to your resume that will stand out if you are applying to other companies abroad. It also gives you someone who can act as a reference for you internationally, which may carry extra credibility depending on the industry.

3. Expand Your Global Network

Going for an internship abroad will give you access to a wider network of professionals in your field of study. Some of the best abroad internships will give you the chance to work with skilled staff and mentors. Working alongside experts in an opportunity to build an international network and gain a professional and international recommendation.

Furthermore, you also have the opportunity of working alongside like-minded individuals around the world. Your fellow interns could go on to be influential industry experts, so it’s a great opportunity to connect with international peers. You’ll gain lifelong friendships and valuable professional connections.

4. Learn Another Language

Abroad internship gives you the opportunity to learn another language and also develop your language skills. Cultural immersion is the best way to develop your language skills. You don’t need to become fluent –  simply picking up the basics will give you plenty of benefits.

Adding a foreign language to your CV is a great way to elevate your future job applications and demonstrate your adaptability, willingness to take on new challenges, and communication skills.

Dedicating yourself to learning another language will also show future employers that you integrated yourself into the local community. Foreign language skills are an example of keeping an open mind and aiming to become a global citizen – qualities that are sought after in multi-cultural workplaces.

5. Choose from Diverse Professional Opportunities

One of the reasons why you should do your internship abroad is that it offers your diverse professional opportunities. You can use this opportunity to attend professional events, workshops and pursuing other opportunities in your new city.

This can be especially beneficial if you are considering pursuing a career overseas. Network and start to learn about the local landscape to build a foundation for later down the track when you’re job searching and interviewing.

6. Increase Your Cultural Awareness

You can gain greater cultural awareness from living and interning abroad in your host country. An understanding of another culture and global market also can make you more valuable and marketable to future employers.

You might pick up varied communication styles, or different approaches to work styles and ethics. For example, working in an office in Spain could be completely different from a work environment in the United States.

Cross-cultural sensitivity has an important role in modern workplaces, whether you choose to work at home or abroad later in life. You’ll be able to show employers that you can work with people from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, and exercise your flexibility and learning ability to adapt to any environment.

7. Make An Impact

Abroad internship gives you the opportunity to impact the world. No matter your program, you’re contributing to the world. Each internship is centred around having a positive, sustainable impact. You can be confident that your efforts are helping to drive change in the right direction.

8. Travel the World

One of the key benefits of an abroad internship is the opportunity to travel the world. As a student or fresh graduate, you probably haven’t had the chance to embrace international adventure yet. An internship abroad could be your ticket to your first big overseas trip.

Internship programs can take you to some of the most fascinating corners of the globe, giving you the chance to satisfy your wanderlust while focusing on education at the same time.

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