Unilever Africa Idea Trophy Competition 2018 for Students

Applications for the Unilever Africa Idea Trophy Competition 2019 is now open. The Unilever Africa Idea Trophy is aimed at second and third year University students with the express intent of combating youth unemployment on the continent by equipping young people with the skills required in the workplace.

As Africa’s top employer, Unilever’s search for young talent is never-ending. It’s how they discover big business ideas that help them grow sustainably. And grow they do! This year’s Brand partner is OMO. So this year, they want you to do the things that make you happy! It’s okay if you get dirty sometimes, they’ve got you! With the power of 10 hands, OMO always has you covered. Read the Unilever Africa Ideatrophy brief and get your idea ready for submission. This could be your first step towards an amazing experience with Unilever.


Challenge Brief

Omo is welcome into the homes of millions of Nigerians. They have over 50 years experience of tackling dirt with their best in class laundry solutions. They know that the best experiences can result in the toughest stains, but that should never hold you back. It’s time to recognize that if you are not getting dirty, you aren’t living life to the full – especially when you’re a child, when the chance to play, to go outdoors and get dirty, plays a crucial role in personal development. That’s why, through their Dirt is Good campaign, they are working to promote and protect real play for every child.

In not more than 300 words, share a TV advert idea for Omo that illustrates how getting dirty helps children learn great values and makes them better ultimately.


  • The winning team gets an all-expense paid trip to South Africa

Unilever Africa Idea Trophy Competition Eligibility

  • Open to students enrolled in an undergraduate program at a recognized university. The competition is not open to students in their first or final year;
  • You can enter as a team of three (3).

How to Apply for Unilever Africa Idea Trophy Competition

Click here to apply

For more information, visit Unilever Africa Idea Trophy.

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