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 UEW Student Portal

www.sip.uew.edu.gh student portal: The Authority of theUniversity of Education, Winneba (UEW) has enabled the student portal. The Online App Portal is created for formal and prospective students of the University of Education, Winneba to create an account or log in to perform certain academic actions at ease e.g. Course Registration, Fees Payment, View Academic Calander ETC.



You can visit and Access the UEW Student Portal using a computer or mobile via the following link:


  1. I tried to register my courses severally but have been rejected that I’m owning GH 1061.9 which is not true, I have paid all my fees till today n my last payment made was early September at Ghana commercial Bank at Bolga branch

    • Please I am a student of Uew,(IDeL) Accra Academy study center with index number 5160360186.I have not been able to register for my nose because my index number and my date of birth do not march and second I have forgotten the password to my student portal.Please help me reset it.Hope to hear from you because my time is limited.

      • Not been able to register for nss.please I need a password reset on the student portal.My index number is 5160360186.

  2. Please I registered for post diploma undergraduate by distance but have not received my admission letter yet so please help me

  3. Logging into the students portal has been impossible for sometime now. My index number is 5180360027 level 200 offering B. ED IN BASIC EDUCATION

  4. Good morning please I am not able to access both the ERISIP and STUDENT PORTAL (the information I receive is INVALID PASSWORD AND USERNAME,OR YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT SAFE ) Level 200 B.A French Edu.

  5. I can’t access my student portal to see my correct date of birth to enable me register my nss. Index number 3160360684

  6. I have received an information from the course rep that we should log into the portal to register our level 400 first semester courses. the portal opened alright but the level is not changing. The courses displayed are for level 200 second semester. please what is the way forward?

  7. I can not access my portal since last semester 2018/2019 academic year till date

    Moreso. I can not register my courses this semester. Index number: 5180290044

  8. I’m Faustina Simpson, I have been trying to register but can’t assess the portal. My index number is 5170430040

  9. Index number: 4170430093
    It’s been 2 days and i can’t access the online registration. Whenever I type in my index number, both for the username and password, it says “ERROR” or “INCORRECT PASSWORD” What should I do though I’ve registered manually. Thanks

  10. I can’t access my portal. When I login in with my index number it is written error or incorrect username due to this I can not check for my portal information. Please help

  11. Aaaaaba we went to register why, me too i can’t registerooooooooooooo portal no de comeooooooo. Pls do something dis is too much. Emmanuel k.n

  12. mmmmmh am still shocked at this system of self registration, i think we have to go back to the old system if the university is not ready to pay for proper IT personnel. i have paid my fees for long ago but cant register, when ever u log in it appears on my screen server gone away.. please server gone away to where???
    uew is far left behind,everything about the school shows that we are still in the 15 century…

  13. my name is woode i am in level four hundred economics department , please i have been trying several times to open my portal but still there is no way out, so kindly i need the school assistant .This is my index 5150180122

  14. My name is woode am in level four hundred, please i need any kind of help to open my portal , beside i have been trying several times but still there is no way out so i seriously need the school assistant .

  15. Please I’m a 400 level hospitality students.with index number 5151180063.I can’t access my portal and I can’t register too.

  16. I’m a fresh student who is doing diploma in basic education as a course I enter to access my online course registration and the site is not opening so help help my name is Poagma chapu hamza and index no. 3180360127 but I’m a distance learner

  17. I’m a level 100 student and I login for the first time, tried to register but it was saying no records found,from there anytime I try to login , it keep invalid password or username. Please what should I do? My index number is 5181040084

  18. I can not access my student portal. When ever I enter my index number, it is written system error, wrong or incorrect username. 5150020133

  19. Please i have been trying to register my course , but anytime i try accessing it, it says invalid username or password so please assist me .I am a continuing student
    Index number: 5150290216

  20. hello
    I don’t know if this will help you guys but I was trying to help my girlfriend today and I found out that the student portal is not working but think ERISIP Is working so us that to try to register okay. I think their system is overload but all the same I hope this helps.


  21. I’m a level 300 student,studying English language with index number 5160060039,please I can’t access my portal and can’t register

  22. I am a distance student and i cant register my course. when i login with my index number its appears error. please do something about it.

  23. Please i have being trying to register my course , but anytime i try doing it says invalid username or password so please help me doing it .I am a fresher please
    Index number :5180320053

  24. I’m Dramani Amadu Kanton level 400 index number 5150190002. I have made full payment including src and jcr, but I can’t open my portal

  25. Please I’m Bridget Emefa Gbeku a level 300 fashion student with the index number (4171210009). I can’t access my portal for registration. Anytime I login, the feedback is always invalid index number or password..please help me out. Thank you

  26. am Agbemenu wisdom level 100 student. I tried severally accessing my portal to register my courses but couldn’t meanwhile a deadline is given.

  27. Please I can’t access my portal oo. Pls, I have tried to access it over the past three days and U hv already given out the dead line. Am in level 100

  28. I am N-namba Gideon Laasaa an accounting level 200 student with index number 5171010055. can’t access my portal so any help please.

  29. Please am Gyamfi owusu kwaku a level 400 student with index number 5150020104 (Art Education) i have paid full payment of my fees but i can’t access nor open my portal for registration, i have been trying it for the past 1 month but still tells me error….THANKS

  30. Please I am Adu Yeboah Desmond with index number 5170220005 Geography Level 200 pls I can’t register my course due to the failure of the site

  31. I seriously do not understand this self registration process when I would have to go for financial clearance again. Last year I over paid the fees, so this year I have paid the remaining balance only to come for financial clearance to be told that I should go for my last year’s fees receipt before I would be cleared, what a weird process
    I mean what is the essence of it been called financial clearance when in this modern era of IT and technology you can simply identify if someone has paid in full or not, whether the person overpaid his/ her fees last year or not. For me this is problem and am not the only student going through that, BASA executives should do someone about it

  32. Please i have made half payment and it has reflected in the portal but still they said i have an outstanding of the half i paid and for that matter i cant register

    level 400

  33. I actually don’t know the reason for this self registration with its tedious process of clearance,why?The thing is pay your fees and have access to register with your receipt as an evidence, yet you let us suffer;oo naaaa. please do something for this is not the first time.

  34. Please I have paid my fees but it is in my portal that I am owning -507.50, due to this I cannot do my registration. Please help me .5160140233 is my index number

  35. Hello please can we the fresh students begin to do our online registration from now if we have not received our students ID?

    • I am Ishmael Twumasi . I am pursuing postgraduate diploma of education (2020/2021)and I can’t get access to my portal due to password error.
      Index number: 190000215
      Pin. 19900

      Phone Number: 0542422250.
      Please help me,

  36. I can’t asses my portal. When I am login in with my index number it written error or incorrect username due to this I can not register my course on line in my portal please help

    • I am Ishmael Twumasi . I am pursuing postgraduate diploma of education and I can’t get access to my portal due to password error.
      Index number: 190000215
      Pin. 19900


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