UEW Mature Entrance Examinations Schedule 2022/2023

UEW Mature Entrance Examinations Schedule 2022/2023 | The University of Education Winneba (UEW) Regular Mature Entrance Examination Schedule (Date, Venue and Time) for the 2022/2023 academic year have been announced.

Following the release of the UEW admission form, the University of Education Winneba (UEW) has announced the entrance examination schedule for mature distance education applicants for the 2022/2023 academic year.

UEW Mature Entrance Examinations Schedule

Applicants who applied for Admission into REGULAR PROGRAMMES using the MATURED ENTRY MODE option are being invited to write an Online Entrance Examination on the UEW Entrance Examination Platform as follows:

  1. Subject Area Test for Special Education candidates only (SAT)

Thursday, August 25, 2022 (Paper starts at 3:00 p. m.)

  1. Subject Area Test for all Mature Candidates including Special Education Candidates

Friday, August 26, 2022 (Paper starts at 8:00 a. m.)

  1. General Aptitude Test for all Mature Candidates.

Saturday, August 27, 2022 (Paper starts at 8:00)

Applicants who have been scheduled for the REGULAR PROGRAMMES MATURE ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS would receive text messages to this effect.

You will be required to login with your Student Number (9 digit number) as your username and your 5 digit pin as the password to gain access to the Online Entrance Examination Portal.


Students who applied to AJUMAKO CAMPUS and programmes being run under the FACULTY OF GHANAIAN LANGUAGES are to note that they are to use their 9-digit student number as both the Student Number and the PIN.

On the said day, you will be required to visit the UEW Website (www.uew.edu.gh) and follow the link to the entrance examination portal to participate in the examination. Or you can use the following link http://entranceexams.uew.edu.gh/login/index.php to gain access.

 You are to observe the following guidelines

  1. It is your responsibility to identify a convenient location where internet connectivity is reliable and disruptions reduced to the barest minimum.
  2. You are advised to purchase the necessary internet bundle to access the UEW-Entrance Examination Portal. Note that social media bundles, late night bundles, kokooko bundles would not enable you to access the UEW-Entrance Examination Portal.
  3. You are required to be within an internet connectivity zone to facilitate your participation in the examination. For example, if you are using a smartphone, adjust the settings in order to avoid incoming calls from disconnecting your internet connectivity.
  4. Entrance Examinations will be available for applicants only for the period designated on the timetable. Ensure that you finish your paper within the allotted time.
  5. Examinations on UEW-Entrance Examination Portal are timed by the system. The clock starts counting down as soon as you start work and the questions are taken away when the time is up. Ensure that you work within the allotted time.
  6. We advise you to log in to the UEW-Entrance Examination Portal at the exact time you are scheduled to write the examination. Anyone who attempts to log in before the stated time will be unsuccessful and would be denied access.
  7. The accessible time for the examination is 1 hour within which you have to answer the given number of questions.
  8. You would have 2 attempts on the examination within the time given
  9. In the event that you are momentarily disrupted by internet or any other unforeseen hitch, you can log back in to the UEW-Entrance Examination Portal to continue the examination from the point where the disruption occurred.


  1. My name is Yakubu Abdullah .I bought the matured form and I tried to login but the feedback was invalid.
    Please help .
    This my
    Pin: 2020897929058128169705140130
    Seial : 202090109375274652
    My contact is 0544089490

  2. Please I was given a message to write mature entrance exams on Friday, 7/8/2020 at 9:00 pm and on Saturday 8/8/2020 at 3:00 pm respectively and I wrote the first one as stated but today I login into my portal and there were no files in the dashboard. So help me out please.

  3. Please I tried to login for the entrance exams yesterday but the feedback I was getting is invalid login and that I couldn’t write the exams yesterday. Any help.

  4. Please lam BENEDICT I bought the distance education form for mature applicant at Kumasi campus but I haven’t receive any massage yet concerning the date and time for the entrance exam and I am yet to confirm this are my contacts 0261507713/0246568696

  5. please I went to my dashboard to write the exams today but could not find anything. and has happened twice, both in the morning and this evening too.
    my name is Fremah Cecilia
    Bachelor of Arts (English language)

    • Fremah the paper was there just that it was complimented.. it happened to me yesterday but late found it and wrote..sorry dear

  6. My name is Yadin Ilikgnan Abraham I have not been giving massage for second session exams and if I log in my PIN and serial number it’s invalid this is my number 0553849836 and my email: [email protected]

  7. please, no questions for me to answer. i tried the other time but could not login. i therefore decided to join this time round. kindly check it for me. please

  8. Please I wrote my entrance mature exams on 17 and 18 July 2020 but I have still got message to write again on 7 August 2020, help me.

  9. Please my name is Richard Marfo Kwarfo. I applied for B.B.A (Management). I have online entrance exams this morning (7th August, 2020).
    My telephone number: 0547124499
    My Pin: 2020741019689141032673817291
    My Serial: 202046824341439235
    I have tried this morning to open the portal but still it says invalid pin and serial number.
    I had the same problem in my first paper in 17th – 18th July, 2020, that is I was not able to open. Please what should I do?

  10. My name is selina Daniel sorogo a matured applicant my name is not on the shortlisted form please help me my number is 0243211058

  11. Please i wrote my entrance exams in the first session; That was July.
    But I’ve been given a message to write the second session. Please is it a mistakenly sent message or is like that for everyone who wrote the first one?

    • U received the text message cos u didn’t pass for first session exams. So u have been given another opportunity to write again. Good luck. Thanks

  12. Please my name is Adongo Jacob Asigma I have also applied as a mature applicant but I haven’t received any message yet for the 2nd section of the entrance exams.this is my number:0554611388

    • 2nd batch will write their entrance exams on Friday, 7th and 8th August. That’s for regular and sandwich applicants. Thanks

    • Please ooo I have not yet been notify whether I will take part in the exam by SMS this is my number please:0554611388

    • Did u applied for sandwich/ regular or distance ( mature)
      Those applicants who are to write on the 7th and 8th are the regular/sandwich. However, if u applied for distance, date has not been fixed. Management will communicate to us right after the regular exams. Thanks

          • My name was not in the first batch shortlisted and we were told we should wait for the second batch.so it is this second batch that I didn’t receive any message yet.but please can you help me with the administration line to contact them

  13. Please my name is owusu Samuel n I have applied for bsc physics through mature forms but since then I haven’t received any message yet n also I can’t log in to mi account .I was part of the first session of the exams but due to this I couldn’t able take part.please help me this is mi number 0240932858


  14. Pls my name is Agyeman Joyce and I applied for the mature entrance exams for distance learning but I av not received any information. My numbers are 0248772268 or 0550615552. Thank you

    • Mature entrance examination for distance learning is coming up in August, hopefully, before then you will get all the information.

    • Mature distance applicants will write their entrance exams in August. The actual date slated for the exams will be communicated to us later . Thanks

  15. Please my name is Bright- Jackson Danquah I was supposed to write my entrance exams S.A.T on the 17th July but the network couldn’t allow me to write but I was able to write the G.A.T on the 18th July
    Please what should I do my number is 0247650112/0547246871

  16. Please my name is Adisnu Emmanuel l have also applied for mature applicant form but I have not received any message since there.the date that I have apply is 25th/04/2020.and this my number 0541492115

  17. Please my name is Francisca Tapuen Bilasim, please, l am part of the students who are writing UEW entrance examination, but l couldn’t log in for the General aptitude test. Please when will l be given the chance to write mine. Please this is my WhatsApp number 0240984464

    • *The Second Entrance Examinations For The Next Batch Of Mature Regular And Sandwich Is After 31st July, 2020, And The distance Session Is Also Slated For August, 2020.* Those who for one or two reasons could not sit either a paper or both would be given the opportunity to join the second batch. https://www.manuelnewsgh.com/the-second-entrance-examinations-for-the-next-batch-of-mature-regular-and-sandwich-is-after-31st-july-2020-and-the-distance-session-is-also-slated-for-august-2020/

  18. I’m Felix Adjei l was to write the entrance exams at12:00pm-1:00pm. but l try to log in l couldn’t, please how can you help me ?

  19. Please my number is 0557606079, I have also applied for mature applicant but I have not received any massage and I have problem on my email address how can I get my indix number.

    • Please my number is 0551192615 and I have also applied for mature exams but I have not received any information and I have problem on my email address ,how can I get my index number.

  20. Mary sackitey
    I have applied for the matured distance education but I haven’t received any information if I can write the exams or not. please help me.

  21. Please I’m Billy Martha. I have apply for mature applicant but I haven’t receive massage yet,please this is my contact 0242628689.Catering and hospitality

  22. I Amoah Kofi Godfred am to the mature entrance exams and let don’t have access to the Internet, how am I going write this exams.

  23. Am Johnson Nween, am in Kumasi and I applied economics which is at the main campus. Pls I want to know if I can write my entrance exams at the Kumasi campus or I have to go to winniba?

  24. My name is Amunga Philip and I have applied euw matured distance course but yet to received any message. Pls this is my number 0505386260 .Thank you.

  25. My name is Amunga Philip and I have applied for Uew distance course but haven’t received any message.Thank you.

  26. My name is Abdul-razak Wumbei Sulemana. İ have apply for distance learning but i haven’t received any message meanwhile i learne the exams is on the 17 July 2020

  27. Please I bought the forms and filled it at Kumasi General Post office and submitted it on 12 February 2020.
    But I haven’t receive any message

  28. My name is boage jijiri James ,l have received the message for the mature entrance exam,but how we going to write it up

  29. Please I bought the forms at Kumasi General Post Office and I filled it online and submitted on the 12 of February 2020
    The application number is UEW1051050

    • My name is Bakobie Ophilia. I applied for uew distanec course, but I haven’t received any massage yet.
      My number is :0555608138

  30. To whom it may concern
    Please, I applied for 2020/2021 mature distance learning but til date I have not received any message regarding to when the entrance exams will be taken. I will be extremely glad to know the date so as to prepare since classes didn’t come on.
    Tel: 0248651803

  31. I’ve applied for mature entrance exams for uew but I haven’t recieve any message yet no index number too
    This is my contact;0542904262

  32. According to wat I read on the site I found only the mature regular and sanwich applicants entrance examination Schedule date pls I want to know when the distance mature applicants will be taken theirs

  33. Please is the distance learners included in the entrance exams which is coming on this 17th
    Because I applied for distance learning in mature student and haven’t receive any message

  34. Please, I have applied for the 2020/2021 UEW mature exams but haven’t received any message yet.
    My contact is 0547768011

  35. Please i have got a massage that the entrance exams for mature applicants is scheduled on 17th and 18th July but how are we going to write it online please i need help on it

    • Daniel, I am also Daniel. I have also applied. Can we talk so we know what to do. My contact 0248343871

  36. I apply for mature exam but I can not get any information about the exam please help me out to get some update about the exam so I can get ready thanks

  37. Please am Linda and have replied for the matured entrance exams but I have received any massage. Please this is my number for any update thank you

  38. Please I have applied but not receive any message yet. Can you notify me when is time for the uew entrance exam?

    • I mean I have applied for the matured entrance but I haven’t received any call yet neither have I gotten my index number. Please this is my number 0591040182 please kindly update me. Please I have problem with my email so update me through SMS thank you

  39. I am Awudza Francis please any update so far because I did not received any information my number for any information 0248526438

  40. Bassae Akwasi Douglas 0540502709 No massage No call No lndex number No classes information please update me I really need help.

  41. Please update me when the new date is out for the matured students entrance exam and when the admission list will be out. Thank you.

  42. Please I have applied for mature but I have not received any message yet
    And please I want the update on the entrance exams classes
    0557067701 this is my number

  43. Please am Kwarteng Alfred I have bought the matured applicant for but have not recieved any invitation so far.
    Please this is my contact 0551544489

  44. l am Gmantin Bawa from yeji bono east region,i have applied for mature in distance but I have not received my index number

  45. I have not received any for the invitation pls dis is my number 0546781871 and also my name is Osei Kwaku Gordon

  46. I haven’t received any message yet about the classes and exam please when will it start this my number 0549950260

  47. I have also not had any admission letter this year.please help me out. My number 0555575342 and I am Amoo Grace

  48. im boobie yiri-ara emmanuel,i have applied as mature but having receive any massage about invitation of the exams.please help me Number 0540220062

    • Atruku Racheal
      I have also applied as a matured applicate
      But have problem with my email address
      Please message me on 0559124690

      • Please this is my number 0591040182 kindly contact me for the new update of the entrance exams and I haven’t gotten my index number and stuff concerning the exams. Linda mensah


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