How to Print UEW Admission Letter 2021/2022

UEW Admission Letter: Print University of Education Winneba Provisional Admission Letter for the 2021/2022 academic year.

UEW Admission Letter


UEW Admission Letter: The official University of Education, Winneba Admission Letter is a document that indicates that you have been offered provisional admission into any degree programme in a University.


UEW Admission Letter contains information about the school offered admission, the faculty/school/college, department, the degree you are pursuing and the duration of the course, basically everything you need to know about your admission.


Before you proceed to print your UEW Admission Letter, it’s recommended to check your admission status on UEW portal — Follow the steps here to check your status.

After confirming your UEW Admission Status, you are to log on to to print out copies of their admission letter.

  1. Enter your Voucher PIN or Voucher ID
  2. Enter your Applicant ID in the column provided
  3. Download your admission letter to your device
  4. Thereafter, print your admission letter

Applicants who purchased the Hard Copy application forms and whose vouchers have 6-digit serial number and 15-digit PIN should make the following corrections to their voucher details before they login:

1. Insert ‘8’ between the first and second digits of the initial voucher serial number to make it 7-digits eg. 181234 becomes 1881234

2. Ignore the last 2 digits of the PIN so that the initial 15-digit PIN becomes a 13-digit number eg. 103489628480200 will become 1034896284802.


3. Login at with the revised voucher details as stated in points 1 and 2 above to check your admission status.

NB: Applicants who bought vouchers at the Ghana Post Offices and Banks and applied through the online mode should use the serial number and PIN as it appears on their original vouchers.

Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

Good Luck.


  1. Please my beloved sister Jackline Dakurah hasn’t received her admission letter yet. Serial 110820 pin:49713083082354
    Telephone: 02444469748

  2. Please I have not yet receive my admission letter. please time I checked the responds am getting was not processed yet.
    please my number is 0247549617.
    Thank you.

  3. Please I have not gotten my admission letter and I hv check it several times always not processed please I need help
    Number. 0549496449

  4. Please,I have not gotten my admission letter. I have logged in several times and is not coming.
    Serial number 180601
    Pin 667257803225219
    Contact number 0241991005

  5. I applied for post diploma in basic education by distance and yet I can’t have access to your site to check my admission status. Please any help
    Serial 100295
    Pin 14245156166729

  6. i waited i the evening around ten then logged in again afetr soo many minutes it finally popped up so now i have my admission letter

  7. Please my name is Michael Abraham, I have not gotten any admission notification and I am also unable to access the admission system link with my serial number and Pin.
    Please I really need your help.
    Contact: 0545944350

  8. am jephter adade i have applied for bsc mathematics in distance edu. and can’t check my admission status …..please can someone help

  9. Please the portal is not opening for me to check my admission status, could it be network problem or general issues? Thanks

  10. please I have applied as mature student I C T but I haven’t any news yet
    serial number:105435

  11. Please I have not received my admission yet…. kindly do me a favor and I can’t access my serial number too.
    Thank you!

  12. please i have not received my admission yet but, it has been declared online that, orientation will start on 24th August, 2019 for distance student. Why?

  13. Hello, please am Priscilla Konortey, i applied for one year diploma in Education and yet i have not received any message or email from your institution but i have gotten a notes that you have release a provisional admission list which i have tried so many times to see if i have been admitted into your institution but can not get any access to it. Please can you help me find out why?
    my serial number is 150906 and pin 39558936123311.

  14. Please I applied as a distance student and I haven’t received my admission yet. I will be grateful if my message will taken into consideration. Thank you

  15. please I have not received any information from your highly institution….kindly give me a feedback soon….thank you

  16. pls i haven’t receive any message yet so pls kindly check for me. this is my number 0559251499
    serial ; 150868
    Pin; 93373227168671

  17. please I haven’t receive admission letter nor message please check for me
    serial 142994

  18. Please I wrote waec in Nigeria and I have bought forms in Ghana but I haven’t been admitted please can you do something about it please

  19. I have applied as mature student political science and I have not received my yet please.
    Serial numb:112689

    Pin: 59784402119691

  20. Please I have not gotten my admission yet.Please help me
    Please my application forms there is a mistake of typing ,
    My 1st choice was Bachelor of Arts (Social Studies Education)

    My 2nd choice instead of Bachelor of Arts(Political science), they made a mistake of chosen Social studies for 1st and 2nd .Please help me out

  21. no information yet please, I apply for social studies education and yet find only my application panel form.seria no:144519 pin 33919192211279

  22. please i applied for BSC management Education and BSC IT Education but i have not gotten any message. This is my details
    serial num : 180841
    pin num : 1760127810666

  23. please I wrote mature exams but I haven’t received any letter and when I log in to check my admission status the page doesn’t load

  24. Serial-182188
    My application forms pop’s when ever I search for my admission status, and it says it has been submitted to the admission officers for a review.

  25. I haven’t gotten any message about my admission. may I know the reason?
    I have a message concerning my submitted application forms but no admission notice.

  26. Please I tried check on the admission portal but finds it difficult to do
    please any link to follow?

    Serial No: 107465
    Pin: 48317511672037
    Please contact me On 0245008630

  27. please my name is Juliana Ako Karde. I applied for MED English Education but I haven’t received any message but I learnt the admission list has been released. I don’t see anything each time I log in apart from my admission form
    serial: 105064
    PIN: 65491358108572

  28. pls I misplaced my pin and the serial number. my name is Enoch Acquah Essandoh. I applied for Bed in math and physics
    pls help me out

  29. Pls I have applied for I.T and still not received any letter….. Pls help me out

    Serial number…… 148964

  30. Pls I have applied for Political science and still not received any letter….. Pls help me out

    Serial number…… 144333

  31. Plz I apply for Bsc.(math) but yet not gotten my admission letter.. This is my pin and serial number.
    Serial number..147536

  32. Comment:please I applied for M.ED in guidance and counselling,I was invited for an interview ,which I honoured, unfortunately for me I got there and I was today with some of us our classes.we are not suppose to come for the interview so we left.and was even told to go and prepare for our fees and report on 20th July.Now I have not be given admission letter,in fact am confused.any contact to call the office

  33. Would u please help me understand, I had my letter but no pic on it, is that possible? And how do I proceed with it.

  34. when will the university of education, Winneba give admission letters to undergraduate qualified students for 2018/2019 academic year?


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