List of Courses Offered at University of Energy & Natural Resources

The official list of courses offered at the University of Energy & Natural Resources | UENR Courses on offer for admission. This is the list of approved programmes offered at UENR for undergraduate admissions.

UENR Courses

List of programmes Offered at UENR


  1. BSc. Agricultural Engineering
  2. BSc. Civil Engineering
  3. BSc. Computer Engineering
  4. BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  5. BSc. Environmental Engineering
  6. BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  7. BSc. Petroleum Engineering
  8. BSc. Renewable Energy Engineering
  9. Diploma Electrical and Electronic Engineering


  1. BSc. Actuarial Science
  2. BSc Biological Sciences
  3. BSc. Chemistry
  4. BSc. Computer Science
  5. BSc. Information Technology
  6. BSc. Mathematics
  7. BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences
  8. BSc. Nursing
  9. BSc. Statistics
  10. Diploma Computer Science
  11. Diploma Information Technology
  12. Diploma Insurance
  13. Diploma Statistics


  1. BSc. Fire and Disaster Management
  2. BSc. Natural Resources (with options in)
  • Ecotourism
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Forest Resource Management
  • Land Reclamation and Restoration
  • Social Forestry
  • Wildlife and Range Management

3. Diploma Natural Resources Management

4. BSc Hospitality Management

5. Diploma Hospitality Management


  1. BSc. Professional French
  2. BSc. Resource Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  3. Diploma Enterprise Management


  1. BSc. Agribusiness
  2. BSc. Agriculture with options in
  • Animal Production
  • Crop Production
  • Horticulture

3. Diploma Agriculture


  1. BSc. Climate Change and Sustainability Development
  2. BSc. Planning and Sustainability
  3. Diploma Geo-Information Science

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  1. Please I had the following results in my WASSCE could I be offered admission to study BSC Petroleum engineering.
    English C5
    Social studies B2
    C maths B3
    Integrated science B3
    Elective Mathematics C5
    Physics B3
    Chemistry B3
    Biology B3

  2. I had cm b2. E math A1
    Eng b3. Physics c6
    Int. B3. Chemistry b2
    Pls can I offer civil engineering in your

  3. I’m prosper ,below is my results
    Social B2
    Science C6
    English C6
    Government B3
    Geography B2
    Economics B3
    Core mathematics B3
    With the above passes which course can I offer in the social science department.

  4. Hello, please, I’m Juliet and I want to know if you offer distance learning or sandwich learning in degree nursing in your noble university?

  5. Mathematics C4,English C6, science C6,social studies B3 Government C6, Geography C5 Economics E8, Elective Mathematics F9 can I get Admission at your school with this result . And what program can I offer

  6. Hi am Sam and I had English c6 core maths d7 science c6 social studies A1 geography b3 economics c4 crs A1 can I get admission in UENR

  7. Hi in my exams,I had maths
    .c6 science B3 ,socialB3 English c6.And emathsE8, biology c6,animal Husb.c6 and general agric b3 which course can I offer .

  8. I had English c5,science B3,maths D7,social B3,Government B3,Economics B3,E-Maths C6 and geography c5 which program can I offered at your institution

  9. Pls I had b3 in core maths , b3 in science , b3 in biology ,c5 in English ,c6 in chemistry ,e8 in e-maths , pls can I offer biological science or which course can i offer in ur institution

  10. Pls I had b3 in core maths , b3 in inter science , c5 in English , b3 in biology , c6 in chemistry and e8 in elective maths , pls which course can I offer biological science in ur reputable institution

  11. I had chemistry E8,biology C6,E.maths C6 , physics C6 English C6 social C6 science C5 c.maths B3 and I want to apply for biomedical engineering or biological science or degree in nursing can I be admitted?

  12. Hello,please I had E in physics and emaths
    Can I get admission into your Noble institution to study Bsc. Agriculture or Bsc Nursing

  13. Please am Sulley shirley.I had 17 and i want to offer either biological science or degree nursing.Please will i be admited?

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