TÜBİTAK Research Fellowship Programme 2018/2019 (Fully-funded to Turkey)

The TÜBİTAK Research Fellowship Programme is open for applications. The purpose of the program is to advance international cooperation of Turkey in science and technology by providing financial support to international young researchers who have received their PhD or are still registered to a doctoral program abroad.



The scope of the program includes monthly stipend, travel expenses and private health insurance cost.

  • A monthly stipend of 2,500 Turkish Liras
  • Travel costs (round trip up to 2,250 TL) and private health insurance premiums (up to 70 TL per month). *

Maximum duration of the support is 12 months.

*In case of the decision of GYK, travel costs and health insurance for the fellow may be partially covered.

TÜBİTAK Research Fellowship Eligibility

  • Being a foreign citizen,
  • As from the deadline of the application, having registered to a doctoral program abroad and being successful in the PhD qualifying exam or having completed his PhD,
  • Having an invitation letter from the universities or research institutes in Turkey*
  • Certifying that they have sufficient command of language, which will be used in the proposed research,
  • Being 35 years old or younger as from the application deadline.

*Those having received their doctorates from a university in Turkey are required to receive an invitation letter from a different university than his/her university that they received their doctorates, and carry out their research with an academic advisor(s) other than their doctoral thesis advisor.

Evaluation Criteria

  • The scientific/research competence of the applicant,
  • Scientific and technological value of the research proposal,
  • The contribution of the application to the career development of the applicant, the host institution and Turkey,
  • The feasibility of the proposed research.

How to Apply for TÜBİTAK Research Fellowship

  • You can fill out the application form only in Turkish or English.
  • Documents without signature are not accepted.
  • The invitation letter must be taken from the top official of a university or research institute in Turkey. The top of official is the rector or vice-rector in universities; director or vice-director in research institutes.
  • Please make sure that you upload all required documents in the online application system. The application system will be open during the application period. You can make changes in your information and upload new documents before confirming your application.
  • Research proposal and CV must be prepared according to the template of TUBITAK. Research proposals and CVs prepared in different formats will not be accepted. For the templates, please see the “application forms”.
  • Please do not send us your original diplomas. TÜBİTAK will not send them back. Please send their certified copies when you start your research.
  • Please make sure whether you need research ethics committee approval or necessary legal permission. If your research topic required such documents, you must also send them to TÜBİTAK.


Click here to apply.

For more information, visit TÜBİTAK.

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