Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Ghana (2024)

Skyscrapers are very common in the United States of America and Asia. They represent some sound architectural masterpiece adorning the skyline of these countries. Some of these tall buildings serve as a tourist attraction centre.

At least every country can boast of one or two skyscrapers. The world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai with 163 floors (828m in height).

In Africa, the tallest tower is the Great Mosque of Algiers (270m) while the tallest buildings in Africa include the Carlton Centre in South Africa (233m), the Britam Tower in Kenya (200m) and the Ponte City Apartments (173m) also in Johannesburg, South Africa.

However, Ghana also boasts of some buildings that are quite tall. Most of these buildings are constructed for residential and commercial purposes.


1. Alto and Avure (Villagio Vistas) – 93 metres


The Villagio Vistas building is the tallest building in Ghana. Built and managed by Trasacco Estates Development Company, this trio of buildings are a prominent feature of Accra’s skyline and are some of the most luxurious residential facilities in Ghana.

Alto, the yellow building is the newest addition to the Villagio Vista, is currently the tallest residential facility in Ghana at 27 floors and an estimated height of 93 metres. Azure is the red coloured building with an estimated height of 71 metres.

2. Azure (Villagio Vistas) – 71 metres

Azure is a part of the Villagio Vistas building and its the second tallest building in Ghana. Also built by Trasacco Estates Development Company and is located on the same premise as the tallest building in Ghana. The Azure is the red coloured building with an estimated height of 71 metres. It stands as the second tallest building in Ghana, right next to the tallest.

3. World Trade Centre – 60 metres

The World Trade Centre is one of the tallest buildings in Ghana with an estimated height of 60 metres. It is located at the heart of Accra in the central Accra district, opposite the National Theatre. This building has 14 floors and is one of the Tallest in Ghana. The World Trade Centre is most likely the tallest commercial building in Ghana.

4. Mirage Residence – 57 metres

The mirage building is one of the tallest buildings in Ghana. The residential building has about 14 floors and its height is estimated to be 57 metres high. The building has a very nice view from the top as it overlooks the airport and other interesting sights of Accra.

5. Exim Bank – 57 metres


This tower is a new addition to the Ghanaian skyline and has rightfully earned its place with an estimated height of 57 metres. You can catch a very nice view from the top of the building.

6. Heritage Towers – 57 metres

The Heritage Towers is a 16-storey commercial office space located at the Ambassadorial Enclave in Ridge. It houses commercial and financial institutions like the United Bank for Africa’s head office. The Heritage tower stands at a height of approximately 57 metres.

7. The Octagon – 53 metres


The Octagon sits snugly in the heart of Accra’s Central Business District. It’s a 12-storey retail-office complex, housing office suites, co-working spaces as well as serviced hotel apartments. This ultra-modern commercial project has been touted as the first with a helipad in Ghana. Its total height is estimated at around 53 metres.

8. Ridge Towers – 53 metres

This 15 storey was built in 2005 and it is located in the Central Business District of Accra. It houses financial institutions and other businesses. The estimated height of this tower is 53 metres.

9. Atlantic Towers – 50 metres

The Atlantic Towers located at Airport City is a 15-storey, 50-metre high complex, earning it a comfortable spot on this list of tallest buildings in Ghana. Atlantic Towers is a Grade A corporate office development that offers prime lettable office and commercial space for all kinds of businesses.


10. Cal Bank Towers – 50 metres

The Cal Bank Tower stands at 50 metres tall and overlooks many buildings around it. This is a corporate building with many floors. The building takes up a sizable amount of real estate and is situated in the heart of the capital Accra.


  • Standard Chartered Bank – 50m
  • Ecobank HQ – 50m
  • Aqua (Villagio Vistas) – 50m
  • Cedi House – 50m
  • Chateau Towers A – 46m
  • Premier Towers – 46m
  • XGI Building – 43m
  • One Airport Square – 41m


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