Sweden Ghana Medical Centre Job Vacancy 2018 – How to Apply

Sweden Ghana Medical Centre Job Vacancy 2018 – How to Apply

Sweden Ghana Medical Centre is Ghana’s first private cancer care centre, serving patients from across West Africa. SGMC has a bold vision: we want to be the leading innovator in our field, with skilled employees who are motivated to deliver the best patient outcomes for our clients. We want to contribute to cancer treatment and research as we strive to give our patients the most effective therapies. We are seeking a Pharmacist experienced with oncology preparations to join our team, where our teamwork is sustained by the genuine care, respect and loyalty that we share. We give the best care, consistently bringing expertise, advanced technology and best practices to make our patients experience the highest quality treatment. Moreover, we uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior. In everything we do, we always strive to take away the burden of cancer.

Reports To: Clinical Practice Manager
Department: Oncology
Contract Type: Permanent (Full Time)
Location: Accra
Hours: Mondays-Fridays 8:00am-5:00pm
(Occasional weekend emergency duties may be required)

Job Summary


SGMC covers the full range of cancer specialties; our highly skilled team uses state-of-the art equipment and European-standard treatment techniques to provide high quality radiation treatment. In addition, the Centre uses modern virtual simulation and CT-based 3D treatment planning capabilities aimed at precisely targeting radiation delivery to tumors, while protecting normal tissues. Our cancer treatment plans and modern radiotherapy give all our patients their best chance to fight cancer, to survive cancer and to improve the quality of their lives while living with cancer.
The primary responsibility of a Radiation Therapist is to treat patients with carefully measured doses of radiation and monitor the patients to check for unusual reactions to the treatment. The Radiation Therapist explains treatment plans to patients and answer questions about patient treatment .They also follow safety procedures to protect patients and themselves from overexposure to radiation and keep detailed records of patient treatments.

Duties and Responsibilities:

You will be expected to achieve a high standard of performance as a Radiation Therapist, while you deliver on the following broad job requirements. The successful candidate would work under the direct supervision of the radiotherapy team lead by:

• Delivering radiation treatment to patients; following the radiation Oncologists prescription and dosimetry plan as well as be responsible for written documentation and electronic charting.
• Simulates treatment set-ups according to the Oncologists instruction.
• Providing education and emotional support to patient and family members as well as help in the management of treatment side effects.
• Working together with the Physicist during treatment planning procedures
• Accurately delivering the prescribed course of radiation therapy.
• Warming up Linear accelerator and checking all safety and emergency procedures to make sure they are intact before daily treatment.
• Performing quality checklists, laser alignment techniques etc.)and reporting any discrepancies to the Radiotherapy team lead.
• Familiarize oneself with the image verification system in the department and follow all imaging protocols for all treatment sites.
• Other duties as assigned.

Qualification Required and Experience

• Experience: Ideal candidate must have a minimum of 2-5 years of experience.
• The Radiation therapist must have knowledge of linear accelerators and use of Mosaiq for Radiotherapy patient documentation and treatment administration, preference will be given to candidates with relevant experience.
• Education: Graduate of an approved school of Radiation Therapy.
• License/Certification: Certified Radiation Therapist by the Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC) or temporary certification for recent graduates, as well as a member of the Ghana society of Radiographers (GSR).
• Candidate must be ready to learn and familiarize themselves with working in a multidisciplinary environment
• Ability to work in a team


• Above-market average

How to Apply

All interested applicants, should please email their CV and application to:- [email protected]

Application Closing Date: 23 April, 2018


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