Stop Blaming me for Posting delays and Fight Teacher Unions – TTAG President

Stop Blaming me for Posting delays and Fight Teacher Unions – TTAG President

The National President of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) ,Jonathan Apam has chastized newly trained teachers for the continues pressure mounted on his personality.

The TTAG President was emphatic on the posting of Newly Trained Teachers by close of last week because that was the information given to him the Ghana Education Service.

Meanwhile, by Monday morning, October 23,2017.,the Newly Trained Teachers were still in our homes without any official notice from the Ghana Education Service concerning their postings.


The disappointed Newly Trained Teachers took to social media to show their displeasure with the GES.

The TTAG President, who could not bare the blame game and disappointments any longer took to his social media platform (Facebook) ,to speak his mind off the situation.

According to the President,the best that leaders can do could sometimes be worst to their followers. Perhaps, followers have always thought they could do better if they were.

He further indicated,that It could be true to some extent but not all,he woke up early Monday morning and couldn’t understand newly trained teachers fighting against him after spending his time consulting stakeholders about their welfare .


Jonathan directed the Newly Trained Teachers to talk about the quietness of CCT and GNAT who will be deducting their dues from them soon when next they are paid.

“The addition of GNAT and CCT, could it not add to our success?. I pray we get some understanding here. Understand this as it is.” he concluded.


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