Only Qualified trained Teachers To Be Posted – Education Director

Only Qualified trained Teachers To Be Posted – Education Director

The Plight of Teacher Trainees has been deepened after the New Juaben Municipal Director of Education, Bartholomew Kwame Ofori, in an exclusive interview with a GBC Sunrise FM Correspondent in Koforidua disclosed, that Students who graduate from the Colleges of Education will henceforth, not receive their appointment letters until they pass in all their examinable subjects.


According to an 18th October report by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation,the Education Director indicated, that  Students who are referred in some subjects have to resit and come out with flying colours before their appointment letters will be issued to state where they are stationed to teach.

He was reported to have further said that besides that, the newly appointed teachers will be monitored and evaluated by the Ghana Education Service through the Circuit Supervisors to see how they are impacting the communities posted to serve before issued with their licenses.

According to the report, Mr. Ofori explained that the new policy being implemented is aimed at challenging the teachers to sit up and help to avoid mediocrity in the teaching profession but rather stand out and help improve the falling standard of Education din the country.

Meanwhile, in a latest development, the National President of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) ,Jonathan Apam has assured newly Trained Teachers that he was hopeful their postings will be out by the close of this week.

He further emphasized on the effort of the leadership in appealing to the GES to allow students who trail in some subjects get posted and placed on Pupil Teachers’ rank until they were done with their papers.

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