Sociology Versus Political Science: Which One is Better?

Getting a degree in the social sciences shows that you have an underlying passion for studying how human relationships either individually or as an organization, country or political entity affects the quality of life experienced by the average man.

This is why there is a need for sociologists and political scientists to continue extensive research on social behaviours and interactions from the past or present in a bid to make possible inferences that can be used to solve an immediate problem or be a basis for a hypothesis in the future

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Who Is A Sociologist?

Sociologists investigate different societies and social behaviours by studying their groups, cultures, organizations, social institutions, and processes that evolve from people interacting and working together.

They spend a reasonable time examining the effect and origin of social influences on different individuals and groups. They often make use of both quantitative and qualitative methods during research and analysis of data obtained from a verified source.

The outcome of their research can be used in different areas within their specialization some of which include;

  • education
  • health
  • crime
  • socio-economic status
  • families
  • population
  • gender and ethnic relations.

Most sociologists work full time during regular work hours. However, most positions often require that you have a higher postgraduate qualification. The nature of your job requires that you have good research, analytical, presentation and problem-solving skills which would make working across a multi-disciplinary team a great experience.

Who Is A Political Scientist?

Political scientists are those who study the origin, development, and operation of political systems. Their research focus is usually on political ideas, analysis of governments, policies, political trends, and related issues.

They devote time to examine various hypothesis and analyse data obtained in during an experiment before giving a well-informed opinion on various happenings in their locality. research can be conducted in one of the following areas;

  • national politics
  • comparative politics
  • international relations
  • political theory.

The importance of political scientists is highly emphasized by their presence in government and private organizations because they give information and analysis that can be useful in planning, developing and implementation of policies.

The work schedule is typically full time with normal working hours except on days when extra hours are required to finish reports within a stipulated deadline.

A lot of roles require that you have a postgraduate education either in political science, public administration or a related field which is relevant to the role you are applying to. Having great interpersonal, communication, analytical and critical thinking skills also help with working effectively in your job role.

Career Opportunities In Sociology

During their career, sociologists can work in various positions within the following sectors;

  • Education: with a bachelors degree and relevant teaching certifications, you can be employed to teach courses such as social science, history or political science in high schools. you may also be involved with planning awareness programs for students in your school.
  • Law:  Sociologists apply their knowledge of human behaviour to assist law enforcement agents during an investigation process. They use their expertise in highlighting patterns and behaviours that are portrayed by criminals and are often referred to as criminologists
  • Business: your degree in sociology can make you an appropriate candidate for public representative and customer service representative positions in different organisations. Your skills with humans both in communication and relationship would always make you attractive to any employer looking to hire.
  • Politics: sociologists within the political sector are involved in managing census processes in their home country, and also help in understanding how voting and electoral processes affect people living within a specific geographical area.
  • Social Services/Work: sociologists working within the social work department helps with facilitating various programs either for vulnerable or patients in the hospital or a particular community.

Career Opportunities In Political Science

While working in different sectors as a political scientist, you can progress in your career in the following roles;

  • Policy Analyst: political analysts make use of skills such as writing, critical thinking and research skills in formulating statements about the nature and impact of proposals for public policy. Also, analysts use their understanding of the political and legislative process to enlist the support of individuals who can help advance initiatives.
  • Legislative Assistant: politicians with government appointments usually prefer to hire political scientists as personal assistants to oversee communication with their constituencies and give them information about any occurrence within their district.
  • Public Relations Specialist:  they work to evaluate the public identity of any organisation or individual that they are employed by, this might include writing press release and using their skills to give compelling narratives about the brand or an individual. Political scientists gain some insight into this process as they study the mechanics of organizing campaign events and public appearances by government representatives.
  • Marketing Research Analyst: Your research skills can be employed to carry out market-based research focused on understanding consumer behaviour and interaction with a company’s goods and services.
  • Political Consultant: Political consultants work with media houses and various organisations to carry out extensive research on political figures and occurrences. their research is very important as it is used during electoral polls either for or against a potential candidate.
Sociology Vs. Political Science Which is Better?

Although both positions deal with human interactions, most available roles usually require that you have a masters degree in a relevant field to be considered. But entry-level jobs would require that you have relevant work experience from volunteering or internships.

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