List of Courses Offered at Simon Diedong Dombo University

The Official List of Courses Offered at the Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies | SDD-UBIDS Courses offered for admission. This is the list of available courses/programmes offered at the institution and approved by NAB.



The following is the list of available undergraduate, certificate and postgraduate courses/programmes offered at Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD-UBIDS) that has gained National Accreditation Board (NAB) accreditation.


Simon Diedong Dombo University  Courses

Faculty of Integrated Development Studies (FIDS)

  • Integrated Development Studies (BA)
  • Environment and Resource Management (BA)
  • Entrepreneurship (BA)
  • Development Communication (BA)
  • Diploma in Integrated Community Development

School of Social Science and Arts

  • Economics (BA)
  • Social and Development Administration (BA)
  • Geography and Urban Studies (BA)
  • Political Science (BA)
  • Sociology and Social Work (BA)

Faculty of Planning and Land Management (FPLM)

  • Integrated Community Development (BA)
  • Project Planning and Community Development (BSc)
  • Planning (BSc)
  • Real Estate (BSc)
  • Land Management (BSc)
  • Urban Design and Planning (BSc)
  • Construction Studies (BSc)
  •  Diploma in Estate Agency

Faculty of Public Policy and Governance

  • Social Policy Planning and Development (BSc)
  • Development Management (BSc)
  • Diploma in Development Management

School of Business

  • 4-Year BA Integrated Business Studies
    • (Accounting /Management Option)
  • Human Resource Management (BCom)
  • Accounting (BCom)
  • Banking and Finance (BCom)
  • Marketing (BCom)
  • Accounting (BSc)
  • Accounting and Finance (BSc)
  • Diploma in Business Studies

School of Education and Life-Long Learning

  • Business Studies (Accounting /Management Option) (B.Ed)
  • Social Science (Geography/ Economics/ History /Political Science Option) (B.Ed)
  • Accounting and Mathematics (B.Ed)
  • Social Studies (B.Ed)
  • Management and English (B.Ed)
  • Diploma in Business Education (Accounting /Management Option)
  • Diploma in Social Science Education (Geography /History/ Government Option)

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  1. Pls will. I get admission to offer diploma social science education with this result
    MATHS d7
    SCIENCE c5
    ENGLISH b3
    HISTORY b2
    FRENCH e8


  2. Please I am doing Diploma in social science education,after my diploma can I davert to offer degree in basic education at level 200

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