What is the Rice Purity Test? What Does My Score Mean?

A famous test that anyone can take to learn more about themselves is called The Rice Purity Test. Developed at Rice University, Houston, Texas, in 1924, the test seeks to gauge students’ maturity levels and foster a sense of community among students.

Over the years, the test has undergone a series of refinements in order to reach its present form. The test offers a great approach to finding out how much you know about innocence, even if you’re only interested in how you stack up to others.

In this article, you will learn about the Rice Purity Test Score, its significance, and the testing methodology.


What Is the Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test is done to assess someone’s purity. It consists of a series of 100 questions in the form of a self-graded survey that attempts to rate the innocence of a person by asking questions related to drugs, alcohol, sex, the law, and other different kinds of naughty activities.

A person is regarded as being extremely pure if their score is between 100 and 90. The lower your score, the less “pure” you are.

The Rice Purity Test has the advantage that you can share it with others to give them a general picture of who you are without giving away all the details. It is an effective strategy for fostering community, particularly on campuses and among young adults.

Subsections of the Rice Purity Test

There are a few specific topics in the Rice Purity Test that fall into different categories of impurity. Of course, people won’t know which boxes people ticked off simply by looking at their number, which is helpful to people who want to maintain their privacy.

Here are some of the main topics covered in the Rice Purity Test.

Romantic or Sexual Acts

This is by far the most common group of items on the test. On the lower end, there are acts like having a first kiss, giving or receiving a hickey, kissing a non-family member, dancing without leaving room for Jesus, or other things that a relatively “pure” person has probably done.

After that, there are actions like viewing pornographic material, masturbating, kissing below the belt or kissing a breast, or making motions of intercourse while clothed with a MPS (member of the preferred sex).

After that, there are actions like oral sex, consuming genital secretion, having an orgasm due to someone’s manipulation, having your genitals fondled, talking in a sensual context over video chat, or answering a booty call. Then, there are actions like having sex in a swimming pool or hot tub, anal sex, period sex, having a threesome or orgy, using a sex toy, having sex with a stranger, using contraceptives like a condom, and having a pregnancy scare.

After this comes more edgy acts, including an act of voyeurism, an act of incest, or bestiality. These are some of the edgiest actions on the Rice Purity Test.

Judicial Affairs

These actions pertain to a person’s history with the law. This includes everything from being sent to a principal’s office to vandalism to being handcuffed by the police. At the farther reaches of this subsection, there are actions like being convicted of a felony.

Substance Use

This subsection deals with a person’s history with substances like drugs and alcohol. This includes things like ingesting alcohol in a non-religious context, smoking tobacco, and using drugs. These drugs include marijuana, cocaine, horse tranquilizers, PCP, heroin, and methamphetamine.

What Does My Purity Test Score Mean?

As mentioned earlier, the test is graded from 100 to 1 and the higher your score, the more innocent you are considered to be. Below is a simple scale to help you analyze your score more in-depth:

Between 100 and 98

This score basically means you’re as pure as gold. It would be difficult for anyone over the age of 18 to get this score.

A Score between 97 and 94

You’re still considered pretty pure. Maybe you’ve had your first kiss or held hands with someone, but you haven’t gone much further than that.

A Score between 93 and 77

This is about the average score range, which signifies that you are not an averagely pure person. Maybe you’ve french kissed before or even gone down below the belt!

A Score between 76 and 45

This score means you might have your fair share of alcohol, drugs, or sexual experiences.

A Score between 44 and 9

A score in this range is definitely below average. You may have been to jail, used hard drugs, or had public sex.

A Score between 9 and 0

This score means you’ve done some pretty wild stuff, including maybe even paying for or being paid for a sexual act.

Where can I take the Rice Purity Test?

You can take the famous Rice Purity Test on the official website of Rice Purity Test website: www.ricepuritytest.com.

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