How Big is 5 Inches? 10 Items That Are 5 Inches Long

Being a common measurement of length and height, you might be wondering, how big is 5 inches? Although there aren’t many commonplace items that measure exactly 5 inches, it can be quite challenging to imagine how big 5 inches is or establish an estimation of its length.

How Big is 5 Inches

In this article, you will learn the exact length of 5 inches and learn of family objects that are 5 inches long. With these commonplace objects, you can conveniently estimate the length of similar objects.


How Long Is 5 Inches?


Measurement of length in inches can be converted to different units. 5 inches is equivalent to 12.7 centimeters or 127 millimeters or 0.4176 feet

10 Items That Are 5 Inches Long

Below is a list of 10 items that measures 5 inches in length.

1. Thumb Lengths

Although humans are of different sizes, using body parts for measurements might not be so accurate. However, an adult thumb is approximately one-inch long from the tip of the thump to the top knuckle.

This means that a complete thumb is 2.5 inches long, and two adult thumbs make up 5 inches. Use your two thumbs to measure 5 inches accurately the next time you don’t have any objects or measuring tools!

1) iPhone 7

Although smartphones vary in size, iPhone 7 which was introduced some years ago is exactly 5 inches long.
The quickest way to ascertain 5 inches is to look at your iPhone 7. Although more recent models are a little bit longer, this smartphone is 5 inches long.

3. Money

One-fifth of five inches is equivalent to the diameter of a United States quarter coin, which is approximately one inch. 5 quarter coins lined up in a row will give you a length that is exactly 5 inches long.

Another easy way to estimate 5 inches is to think about the size of a US $1 bill. It is approximately 2.61 inches wide on each side and 5.2 inches tall and wide.

4. Can of Soda

A soda can is another typical item that is only approximately 5 inches tall. The average Coke can is 4.83 inches tall, or slightly less than 5 inches.

These cans measure little more than half of 5 inches, or 2.6 inches, across the centre.

5. Paper Clips

Medium paper clips are typically one inch long, if not exactly, making them one-fifth the length of five inches. If you can picture a paper clip or have one on hand, you can use it to estimate 5 inches with accuracy by visualizing it as 1/5 of the length or by aligning 5 paper clips, which will get you exactly there.

6. Ball Pointed Pens

You may accurately depict the five-inch length by using ball-point pens. These ballpoint pens have a length of around 5.7 inches or 14 cm. As a result, the pen measures around five inches from tip to bottom.

Thus, it is a useful illustration of how we may simply utilize everyday objects to express the length of five inches. You may easily locate ballpoint pens with students or someone in the office because we all use them to write.

7. Small Teaspoon

Another excellent illustration for the length of five inches is the little teaspoon. The little teaspoon comes in a variety of sizes, but most are around 5 inches in length.
You may see five inches being the length of a small teaspoon and demonstrate it using real-world examples. The small teaspoon works well for measuring five inches, and you may use it as a suitable example to explain the length of five inches.

8. Ruler

The rulers that are used as stationery by the pupils are always standardized to a particular size and length. The usual long ruler that the students require in school is roughly the length of 12 inches.

As a result, five inches will be equivalent to little less than half of the length of a school ruler, and you will be able to see the lines on the scale easily enough to estimate its length.

9. K-cups

The K-cups measure 1.5 inches in height, which can be used to describe 5 inches. You will need three cups, which together amount to 4.5 inches, approximately. We can better explain it because 4.5 inches is extremely near to 5 inches. This is a nice illustration of what 5 inches in length looks like. The k-cups are conveniently offered in stores, and you can buy three of them to approximate lengths of five inches.

10. Erasers

The scented link erasers are about 2 inches long, so we can use them as better examples to describe what five inches is. To represent the length of five inches, you will need 2.5 of these erasers, which is an excellent example you can use to demonstrate the length of five inches with many objects around us.

These erasers are the ideal example that we can use because they are a common object that you can readily discover and understand when you want to know how many inches are in five.

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