PUCG Matriculates First Batch of Master of Education Students 2017

PUCG Matriculates First Batch of Master of Education Students 2017 | The Presbyterian University College, Ghana (PUCG) has matriculated the first batch of students for the Master of Education in Educational Studies for the 2016 / 2017 academic year. 264 students were matriculated into the programme.

The 264 freshmen and women who were matriculated came from different backgrounds and professions with varied experiences and expertise. There are teachers, bankers, clergy, police officers, nurses, insurance, and other professionals.


The Matriculation Ceremony is an important event in the University’s life as by taking the Matriculation Oath the students are sworn to observe the rules and regulations of the University; obey the President and other officials of the University; the need to apply themselves diligently to tedious studies, knowledge and truth, and to promote the general good of the University.

It also binds the University Management to seek the welfare of the students in whatever they do.

The President of PUCG, Rev. Prof. E. Adow Obeng assured the students that the University will do everything possible to ensure that all of them finish the programme on time.

He said the Master of Education programme has been designed to provide opportunity for graduates who are desirous to teach, as well as professional graduate teachers who want to upgrade their qualifications or update their skills, have in-depth practical knowledge and experience in teaching.

Rev. Prof. E. Adow Obeng reiterated the advantages of the programme with the duration being favourable to students in that professional graduate teachers qualify for 2 semesters while non-professional graduate teachers require 3 semesters to complete the program. That, one does not need a Postgraduate Certificate in Education before embarking on the Master of Education programme at PUCG.

Again, the programme is on offer during the vacation of the first and second cycle schools so that teachers do not lose instructional hours. Moreover, products of the M.Ed programme can pursue an MPhil or PhD. Also, the University has ensured flexible fee payment to the advantage of the students.

Emphasizing the need for Postgraduate Education, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng, noted that constant supply of highly skilled personnel through postgraduate education is of immense benefits, “indeed the catalyst” to countries developmental agenda.

“It is the knowledge and their research activities that acts as the active agents of production to expand the frontiers of the nation’s knowledge, accumulate capital, exploit natural resources, build social, economic and political systems and carries forward a nation’s development.

Any nation that is unable to develop the skills and knowledge of its people through education, especially postgraduate education, and utilize them effectively will continue to remain an underdeveloped country, “If not failed country” Rev. Prof. Obeng argued.

The President continued that the University will pursue every effort to make postgraduate studies relevant in Ghana by the introduction of postgraduate programmes in MSc. Natural Resource Management, M.A in International Development Studies and MSc. Environmental Health and Sanitation which are awaiting NAB’s approval.

Rev. Prof. Obeng implored the students to take advantage of the quiet and peaceful environment of the University’s campuses as there are fewer distractions. The weather is cooler and does not sap energy during learning.

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