Posting of Newly Trained Teachers likely to take effect in November

The Ghana Education Service (GES) wishes to inform the general public, particularly trained teachers who completed Colleges of Education in 2019; have written and passed the Teacher Licensure Examination, and are completing their National Service, that the processing of their postings is underway.

Eligible candidates who duly applied online will be shortlisted and posting effected by the end of November 2020.

We also wish to state that they will be considerations for University graduates with Basic Education and Early Childhood Certificates who have passed the Licensure Examination and completed National Service as well.

The GES reserves the right to post teachers to where their services are needed. The general public is, therefore, cautioned not to make any payments to persons who promised to facilitate their posting process.

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  1. Please it is true that 2017/2018 applicants who just applied for posting recently basically in August have been posted or not.

  2. posting has been released today so I want ask if University students will also be posted or any of them has been posted

  3. Will private graduates from private colleges such as Jackson college of education part of this year’s postings

  4. Please from your post u made mention that, GES is awaiting our results frm UCC and because of that our postings will be in early in october after the release of our results but here we are now. Our results have been released for about 2 weeks now and the said month is almost ending so when exactly are we going to be posted?

  5. The Government has not been fair for 2017 trained teachers after their hardship stay in schools under the ex president of john Dramani Mohamma.
    The government should try to response to their concern very fast before things get out of hands.

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