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Are you a student of Old Dominion University (ODU)? Do you want to access your student email address? You’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a student email address for Old Dominion University. You’ll also learn how to access your student email using any device of your choice.

The ODU student email is a personalized email account provided by Microsoft Office 365. Upon registering for classes (NOT after submitting an application), you will receive the email address.



ODU Student Email

Your student email account is activated automatically when you create your MIDAS account. Student email is provided through Gmail and serves as the official electronic mail system for all University-related communications, policies, announcements, tuition bills and other information.

Benefits of Student Email

With the student email, you can have access to numerous online resources. The student email offers you access to the following;

  • Student Portal
  • Canvas / Blackboard
  • Turnitin
  • Online Library
  • Discount memberships

How to Use ODU Student Email to Access Online Classes

If you are taking an online class, log into Canvas and get course materials, and communicate with your instructor and fellow students.

How to Access Your ODU Student Email Login

To access your ODU student email login, follow the procedures outlined below.

  • Access your email, news & announcements, University services, and much more at your myODU portal (http://my.odu.edu)
  • Visit http://monarchs.odu.edu/
  • Go to any of Google’s service pages (Gmail, Drive, Docs, etc.). Enter your [email protected] address (NOT [email protected]), and leave the password blank. When you click “Sign in,” you will be redirected to ODU’s login page. From this page, log in with your MIDAS ID & password.
  • Get email on your mobile device with any of the following supported apps:
    • Gmail
    • Outlook
    • Apple Mail

How to Set / Reset College Email Password

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