How to Obtain Student Loans in Switzerland as an International Student

Another interesting place to consider studying would be Switzerland just in case if you were wondering what studying in this beautiful country has to offer, I can tell you that there are numerous things which make Switzerland stand out in its international community. The country shares borders with Germany, Spain and Italy which makes travelling a wonderful activity during vacations. There are also lots of sporting activities; hiking, asking, rock climbing for adventurous people to explore. The icing on the cake would be that Switzerland is one of the safest places to live in the world making you at peace while studying in this country.

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When Is A Student Loan Necessary?

The truth is that studying abroad can be overwhelming at times even when you think you have figured out your financial needs and planned your budgets. There might be unforeseen circumstances that would require you to spend more than you initially planned to, in times like this you might require a type of aid to ease your burden and this is where student loans come in.


How Does Student Loan Work In Switzerland?

Student loans are still quite unpopular and unstructured in Switzerland however, there are many banks who have entered into agreements with some universities in order to make loans available to students.

What Would I Need To Obtain A Loan?

Depending on which university or banks which you have decided to seek information from, there are a few requirements you may be required to provide before you can access such loans they include;

  • Passport
  • Student I.D
  • Statement of accounts

Is there a Minimum Amount?

Some banks would like to know what your tuition fee breakdown is to be certain that there is no alteration in the price, while some would rather give out little loans for rent, tuition and other little expenses. Most banks determine their repayment plan and interest rates independently.


Studying in Switzerland is a wonderful experience due to the many activities present in the country, however, you can consider taking a part-time job while studying or search for grants and scholarships available to international students in your school.


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