Nursing and Midwifery Licensing Exams to be Conducted Online Starting 2018

Nursing and Midwifery Licensing Exams to be Conducted Online Starting 2018.

Licencing examination of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana will from July next year be conducted online. The new online system, according to the Council, is to ease the laborious processes associated with the manual system, as well as strengthen the examination capacity of the council. Registrar of the Council, Felix Nyante, announced this at the Council’s 2017 mid-year review at Nsuta in the Ashanti region. He said the Dutch government has provided grant to the Council to revamp its examination processes and procedures. He said the grant is also to support the Council to strengthen its organizational capacity to conduct efficient, effective and credible licensing examination. Mr Nyante noted the Council wants to focus on ICT deployment to accelerate on performance.

“We want to rest on ICT infrastructure to accelerate our performance. We want to see a situation where nurses and midwives can sit in their offices, homes, and various hospitals to log on unto our website and renew their license” he said. He was confident the online licencing examination would make the Council more effective and efficient. Chief Director at the Ministry of Health, Dr Afisah Zakariah, commended the Council for its effort to introduce the online licencing examination next year. “The ministry is happy that the Council in collaboration with a consortium in the Netherlands called CINOP Global will be introducing the online licencing examination in 2018. This will ease the laborious processes engaged in the old manual system and make licensing examination in Ghana a trustworthy one”, she said. She entreated the Council to work closely with the health training institutions and the service delivery agencies to uphold nursing and midwifery standards and practices at all levels. Dr Zakariah tasked the Council to ensure that schools seeking for accreditation meet the all criteria before being issued accreditation. “All new schools seeking for accreditation must meet all standards and criteria before given accreditation to run. Similarly, all existing schools that are lagging behind in terms of meeting the standards are made to satisfy the Council’s rules”. The mid-year performance review conference brought together all regional representatives of the Nursing and Midwifery Council to deliberate and share ideas on achievements and challenges to enable them strategize for a more improved future. The conference was on the theme “Peak Performance”.

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