Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018

The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge, in partnership with NGP Capital, is looking for new innovative products and solutions within the Industrial IoT domain. NOIC offers the opportunity for bright minded companies to propose best-in-class products and solutions within the Industrial IoT domain to an international jury.


Nokia Open Innovation Challenge

It is time to submit your greatest ideas for technology and business models which could change the world. Together with Nokia Bell Labs experts and mentors you can make a difference and potentially grow your business to new levels. The jury will select the most advanced and innovative candidates to attend the final event that will be held in early December at Nokia Bell Labs’ headquarters in Murray Hill, New Jersey. In the final, these finalists will present their innovative products or solutions to the executive level jury who will then select the winners.

The next generation industrial revolution will not only affect traditional industry operators but every single business which has requirements for automation and optimized services. These enterprises are making the leap to higher productivity and quality with the next generation of connectivity and applications.


NOIC is about evolution and revolution. They are looking for something that might already be established but could reach new heights of interest within the industry domain through your idea and with the right support from Nokia; or then something which is a totally new idea and concept but might need some fine tuning to fit the requirements of potential customers.

But be innovative as big innovations occur when people look beyond the obvious, so think big and out of the box.


Prizes for Nokia Open Innovation Challenge

NOIC Executive Jury will have the power of discretion to allocate the cash prize to the best fitting submission or submissions.

  • 100K$ 1st place
  • 50K$ 2nd place
  • 25K$ 3rd place

Nokia Open Innovation Challenge Eligibility

  • They are seeking startup companies with innovative products and solutions that can help shape the future of the Industrial Internet of Things domain.
  • They are looking for the latest innovative companies around the globe to put forward their ideas for the possibility to collaborate with Nokia Bell Labs researchers to enhance or create the first commercial implementation of their product.
  • Their target is to find a company which could potentially be a partner for Nokia for joint innovative solutions.

Nokia Open Innovation Challenge Evaluation Criteria

  • Innovativeness, feasibility and scalability of the idea according to the category requirements and examples of Industrial IoT (please take a look of our IoT examples and definitions).
  • Submissions will be assessed considering the joint business potential as well.

How to Apply for Nokia Open Innovation Challenge

Your proposal should include a product or solution which will impact the world of Industrial IoT. Please fill in the application form on the Apply page. There are a number of mandatory questions which are required to be filled in to qualify for the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge and the next round.

Click here to apply.

For more information, visit Nokia.


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