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Looking for ways to access the NISD Parent Portal? You are in the right place. The NISD Parent Portal provides parents with online access to information on their Northside Independent School District-enrolled students in near real-time.


NISD Parent Portal

In this article, you’ll find information on how to access your NISD Parent Portal and the NISD Parent Portal app for parents.

You can access a parent portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week to access information about your ward. The portal is secure, confidential and easy to use.



What is NISD Parent Portal

The NISD parent portal is an online portal accessible anywhere on the web that parents can log in to and see all of their children in one place, their grades, assignments, scores, attendance, schedules, and school bulletins for each school your children attend. If you have one student in middle school and one in high school, parents will see bulletins for both the middle school and high school.

How to Access the NISD Parent Portal Login

To access the parent portal, follow the procedures outlined below.

Parents and guardians can monitor their child’s schedule, grades, lunch account balance, and even access file attachments like report cards, school supply lists, and more, all easily through the Parent Portal. You’ll need your student’s district password to use the portal.

How to Register for NISD Parent Portal

  • Visit the NISD Parent Portal:
  • Click on Register to set up your account
  • Provide your access code and student birthdate

NISD Parent Portal App

Parents can download our free app to receive district notifications, including notices about school closures. The app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How to Use NISD Parent Portal App

  • Download and install the Northside ISD parent app on with Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Sign in with your login credentials
  • Congratulations, you have gained access to the NISD parent portal

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