Nomination for National Students Prestigious Awards (NASPA) 2020

The organizers of National Students Prestigious Awards (NASPA) scheme will from today 1st April 2020 open its doors to receive nomination for the 2020 edition of the awards scheme.

NASPA which is the highest and biggest award event in the educational sector in the country is set to celebrate the excellent work students, prominent corporate and private individuals, Governments institutions do in promoting education. The press release issued by the organizers reads below:

We hereby use this medium to bring to the notice of the Ghanaian students, corporate entities, individuals, and the general populace that, the much-anticipated nomination for 2020 edition has been officially opened. Below are the details of the various Categories


This category is for students, right from the basic level to tertiary who are excelling in various categories in the educational sector. A nominated student in an accredited institution and should be ready to present the proof of studentship. This category has about 27 subcategories. Some of these subcategories will demand evidence.

1. Most Outstanding Student Leader
2. Most Outstanding Student Personality
3. Student Journalist
4. Student Entrepreneur
5. Student Sports Personality
6. High School Personality
7. Basic School Personality
8. Rising Star in Showbiz
9. Hall of the year
10. Best National Student Association
11. Most Outstanding Student Blogger
12. Most Outstanding Campus Group
13. Most Outstanding Student Author
14. Most Outstanding Student Photographer
15. Most Outstanding Student Foundation
16. Most Outstanding Beauty Queen
17. Most Fashionable Student
18. Most Outstanding Student DJ
19. Most Outstanding Student make-up artist
20. Most Talented Student (Tertiary)
21. Most Talented Student (High School)
22. Most Outstanding Women Commissioner
23. Most Outstanding President (SRC/Association)
24. Most Outstanding Secretary
25 Most Outstanding Financial Secretary
26. Most Outstanding PRO
27. Most Outstanding MC


This category is for individuals who have distinguished themselves in an area of endeavour and also serve as an inspiration to students or are involved in mentoring young people positively. Academicians such as teachers, lecturers and other senior members of educational institutions, Politicians, Chiefs as well as Religious Leaders also qualify to be nominated by a student. There are 12 subcategories here.

1. Dean of the year
2. Most Outstanding Lecturer/Teacher
3. Vice-Chancellor/Headmaster/Principal/ Patron of the Year
4. Most outstanding MP ( in supporting education)
5. Most outstanding Chief ( in supporting education)
6. Most Outstanding MCE/DCE ( in supporting education)
7. Educational Financier of the year
8. Most Outstanding Mentors
9. Most Outstanding Student Leader of the Decade
10. Most Outstanding Religious Leader (in supporting Education)
11. Most Outstanding Entertainer (in Support of Education)
12. Most Outstanding Journalist (in promoting Education)


Only a student may nominate a corporate body for this category of the awards. Among other things, the Selection Board will consider: how essential the service being provided by the entity is to students or education in Ghana, and how the entity has supported education through corporate social responsibility. 7 subcategories make up this category.

1. Most Student-Friendly Bank
2. Most Student-Friendly Bookshop
3. Most Student-Friendly Telecommunications Company
4. Most Student-Friendly Media House
5. Most Outstanding Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
6. Most Outstanding Students Airline
7. Most Supportive Old Students Association


A nominee for the Student Hall of Fame must among other things be:

1. A student in an accredited institution and should be ready and able present the prove of studentship during the 2019/2020 academic year.

2. Must be a person who can be used as a role model for others.

3. Must be performing creditably well in class and ready to show proof of performance.

4. A nominee must be either a Ghanaian student schooling in Ghana or abroad, or a foreigner schooling in Ghana.

5. Nominees for the Corporate platinum awards and the Honorary awards should have contributed to educational development in an exceptional way, in the year under consideration.


Only students should make nomination by clicking on the link below:

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