Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Ghana That You Must Visit

Are you thinking of spending your next vacation in Ghana, and in need of some beautiful and serene beaches to visit, then you’re in the right place. Ghana has some of the most beautiful beaches in West Africa that stretch across the coastline.

Ghana’s coastline stretches 560 kilometres (350 miles) from Aflao in the Volta Region all the way to Cape Three Points in the Western Region. Along this coastline, many beautiful beaches with different sand and rock features hug the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some favourites, where you can bask in the shade of palm trees after a warm swim in the sea.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Ghana

Below are the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Ghana. In case, you’re contemplating where to spend your next vacation, you will surely find this fascinating.

1. Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach is the most popular beach in Ghana, located in the capital Accra. It is well patronised by locals and foreigners for its night-time parties by bonfires. Enjoy horseback rides, delicious street food, and live band music without travelling out of town.


2. Anomabo Beach Resort

Most Beautiful Beaches In Ghana

The Central Region is a top destination with tourists due to its historical involvement in the transatlantic slave trade. Anomabo is a small fishing community close to Cape Coast, perfect for a quick getaway. The Anomabo Beach Resort boasts some of the cleanest sands in Ghana and the best seafood menu, sourced fresh from the ocean.

3. La Palm Royal Beach

Also in Accra, the La Palm Royal Beach is firm favourite among travellers for its luxurious seafront and has been in operation for over twenty years. By prioritising luxury and creating a premium, relaxing atmosphere, the La Palm Royal Beach is suited for holidaymakers craving pristine, disturbance-free time in Ghana.

4. Coconut Groove Beach Resort

Most Beautiful Beaches In Ghana

Elmina is another place in the Central Region noted for its breath-taking beaches. At the Coconut Groove Beach Resort, you get more than a calm day at a beautiful beach. This fine establishment, fitted with a golf course, sauna and spa provides as excellent view of the sea, with the Elmina Castle in the distance, under the shade of palm trees for a romantic dinner.

5. Busua Beach Resort

Most Beautiful Beaches In Ghana


The Busua Beach Resort in the Western Region is a magnificent location for business trips or family vacations away from the stress of the city. At night, the true beauty of the beach is revealed in the splendidly decorated beachfront with thatch roofs, scented oil lamps, summer huts and a beautiful bonfire.

6. Bojo Beach

This intimate beach is perfect for someone wishing to relax by the sea without having to travel too far out of the city. Bojo Beach is just 5 kilometres (3 miles) from the centre of Accra and the journey there is made all the more special as you have to cross the Densu River by canoe to get the magical beach.

7. Kokrobite Beach


Kokrobite is also another popular beach destination in Ghana located a few kilometres outside Accra. It is always teeming with expats who come to enjoy the Rastafarian culture prominent there. It is great for a party, with many seats and a calm atmosphere because of the shade of the many palm trees on the shoreline.

8. Ankobra Beach

Ankobra is ideal for a quiet and isolated vacation where you can unplug and unwind. It is situated in the coastal village of Axim, one of Ghana’s most western points, a few kilometres away from Takoradi, in the Western Region. With few palm trees and a very tidy beachfront, the Ankobra Beach is just the place to relax with minimal distractions.

9. Escape 3 Points Beach

Escape 3 Points is an eco-lodge on the most western tip of Ghana. This hidden treasure is deep in the tropical rain forest but also close to the Atlantic Ocean. At this beach, you get to experience two climate zones in close proximity and also see the offshore oil rigs at work. Escape 3 Points is the perfect eco-friendly beach for someone looking for a rustic experience in Ghana.


10. Aborigines Beach Resort

Keta is a magnificent town in the Volta Region, sitting at the point where the Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean. At Aborigines Beach Resort, you get to watch the waters of this great river empty into the sea after travelling for many miles, whilst enjoying fresh tilapia, oysters and other seafood.


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