Millennium Development Authourity Recruitment 2017

Millennium Development Authourity Recruitment 2017

The Government of Ghana has received a grant from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) a United States Government Agency.
The Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”), representing the United States of America, entered into a Millennium Challenge Compact on August 5, 2014 with the Republic of Ghana, under which MCC is providing funding to the Government of Ghana for a poverty reduction and economic growth programme through the Power Compact.
The Millennium Development Authority (MiDA), the entity responsible for the management of the implementation of the Compact, is seeking a professionally qualified person for the position of Director, Procurement to assist with the implementation of the Power Compact in a transparent,
timely, effective, efficient, results oriented ‘and fiscally sound manner.
This position is for a projected contract term of four years, and is renewable yearly.

Job Description

Job Title: Director, Procurement.


Reports to: Chief Executive Officer
Supervises: Two Procurement Officers
Job Location: Accra, Greater Accra


Manages and oversees all procurement operations and the performance of the Procurement Agent. Manages the now of procurement activity to
implement the Compact by MiDA.
Analyses MiDA’s operational and programmatic needs, and develops procurement plans consistent with the overall plans of the Compact.
Ensures that all procurement transactions are implemented in accordance . with the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines.
Works closely with the management and the CEO of MiDA to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the procurement process.
Works closely with the Procurement Agent and serves as the primary liaison between the Procurement Agent, MCC, and outside entities from a variety of specialized sectors on all procurement activities and facilitates the smooth interplay between and among all elements of the procurement process.
Coordinates the functions of MiDA and the Procurement Agent in implementing the Compact program, including identifying initial procurement needs and organizing procurement operations.
In coordination with the Project Directors and Managers translates program requirements into actionable procurement packages and requisitions.
Facilitates the preparation and submission to the Procurement Agent(s) of necessary procurement documents (requisition, Terms of Reference,
estimated budgets, etc.) provided by the technical staff of MiDA.

Ensures that the solicitation documents, Procurement Plans, Procurement Implementation Plans, and all other required documents prepared by the
Procurement Agent comply with the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines and Standard Bidding Documents, and they meet the procurement needs of MiDA and follow the Procurement Operations Manual and other relevant templates of MiDA.
In consultation with the MiDA Management and Project Directors and Managers, establishes and communicates procurement priorities to Procurement Agent.
Regularly reviews MiDA’s Procurement Operations Manual(s) and Contract Administration Manual(s) prepared by the Procurement Agent and recommends any necessary changes or improvements to ensure it responds to the operational reality of MiDA.
Ensures that the Procurement Agent acts consistently with the approved Procurement Operations Manual.
Ensures that Procurement Procedures are developed in line with MCC Guidance tor purchases not covered by the PPG and that they are fully
Actively monitors and manages the progress of procurements against the applicable Procurement Implementation Plan. Coordinates with MiDA
Management and project staff to ensure responsibilities of all involved actors in the execution of a procurement are understood and acknowledged, and that the timeframe and responsible parties for requisite events in the procurement process and the impacts of missed deadlines or unacceptable inputs on the over-all procurement timeline are understood by all affected stakeholders and management.
Leads, guides. and manages the members of the MiDA procurement team. Manages and reviews the work of the MlDA procurement team to ensure
quality of outputs, and provides day-to-day supervision of MiDA procurement unit staff.
Approves procurement decisions in accordance with Attachment 1 to the MCc Program Procurement Guidelines within the approval thresholds and
reviews those that require MCC and the MiDA Governing Body approval prior to submission to these entities
Plans, organizes, and guides the PA in conducting market/industry outreach activities and analyzes market conditions in order to inform the packaging of project objectives into procurable requirements, promote competition, and optimize the likelihood of success of the resulting procurement activity.
Assists Project Directors and Managers, and Legal Counsel In interpreting and applying various contractual provisions, in particular with respect to claims from contractors for time extensions or extra payments, and in general with respect to the contractors’ and consultants’conformance and compliance with contractual obligations.
In coordination with Project Directors and Project Managers, oversees the contract amendment/modification process and ensures that the approval
authorities in Attachment 1 of the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines are adhered to in this regard.
Collaborates with the Procurement Officers, Procurement Agent, Project Directors, Project Managers, the Fiscal team, and the MiDA Legal team to
develop and apply fraud and corruption awareness and anti-fraud and corruption measures, with emphasis on the procurement and contract execution processes.
In consultation with the MiDA Management and General Counsel, ensures the development and operation of the MiDA specific Bid Challenge System in accordance with the appropriate MCC guidelines.
Participates in the review of Bid Challenges received from aggrieved bidders ill accordance with the MCC approved Bid Challenge System (BCS)
In consultation with the MiDA Infrastructure/Project Directors ensures that the Contract Administration and Management Manual (CAMM) is generated and agreed in good time before the contract administration process and management period begins and that MiDA staff with responsibilities in the contract management/contract administration process are trained and prepared to carry out their responsibilities. Monitors effective discharge of such responsibilities.
Reviews reports submitted by the Procurement Agent.
Ensures that the Procurement Agent keeps records of all procurement activities during the procurement phase and also during the Contract
Administration phase

Required Skills or Experience
Bachelors degree in business’ administration, public administration, finance, law, engineering, economics or procurement (advanced degree preferred);
At least ten (10) years of relevant professional experience in developing and managing procurement systems applying international standards, five of which is in a lead management role.
Familiarity and experience working with international donor agencies procurement guidelines and procedures, particularly those of the World Bank.
Additional familiarity and/or experience with procurement guidelines and procedures of US Government will be all advantage.
Familiarity with FIDIC forms of contracting for civil works will be an advantage.
Proven management skills and managerial experience in activities related to public or donor-funded procurement.
Demonstrated abilities to coordinate and collaborate with numerous distinct domestic and international stakeholders and counterparts in overseeing,
prioritizing, monitoring performance against schedule of contractors, ensuring quality and reporting on procurement activities.
Experience with planning and organizing market out- reach events, speaking to large audiences;
Experience in the review and approval of procurement documents using Standard Bidding Documents of World Bank, and/or African Development Bank; and
Ability to supervise large construction and/or consulting contracts using RDIC forms of contracts,
Demonstrated abilities of working in or managing multidisciplinary teams across different departments or functional areas;
Strong people and interpersonal skills evidenced by demonstrated capability of building and maintaining productive relationships and working collaboratively with a range of actors and stakeholders, including government officials, private sector partners, international donors, contractors, and counterparts.
Must demonstrate from previous work experience the ability to collaborate effectively with peers as well as work across departments or divisions.
Must demonstrate the capability to work with a minimum of supervision, act decisively, and make independent assessments and decisions.
Must demonstrate history of delivering high quality projects on time and within budget.
Fluency in English; and
Strong computer skills with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project).

Familiarity with the energy sector will be an advantage.
Superior organizational and time management skills will be advantage.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted ONLY by email and addressed to:

The Recruitment Committee Millennium Development Authority Accra Email application to: [email protected]


To receive consideration, applicants must include:

Their curriculum vitae of not more than four (4) A4-size pages, stating their qualifications and experience, providing three professional references, contact phone numbers (s) and email address(es) by which they can easily be reached.

A cover note (one page maximum) explaining what the applicant envisions as the challenges of the position applied for and how their experience and education would allow them to meet those challenges.

Applications must be sent by email to [email protected] and must be received by MiDA not later than midnight on 20th 20th October, 2017.


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