How To Write A Letter of Permission (Sample Template)

There are so many situations that may require you to write a letter of permission. Writing a permission letter is really important, especially if you need authorization to do something. If you want to stay back from work, you need a letter of permission or if you want to travel you need to submit a letter of permission.

That’s not all, you also need a letter of permission or consent for your child to travel. So in all these cases, you need a letter of consent. According to the paper writing service, not writing a letter of permission can land you in trouble.


What is a Letter of Permission?

A permission letter or letter of consent is written in order to seek permission for some event or other reason. The letter is written to the higher authority by a person or a group of people in a formal way.

As earlier mentioned, a permission letter can also be used to get permission for leave from school, the workplace or to get approval for some project work or travel.

Reasons Why People Need a Letter of Permission

Basically, there are three most common reasons why people request for permission letter types.

  1. Permission to be absent from school. Parents can seek permission for their a child to be absent from school. The letter of consent has to be signed and sent to the school’s headmaster. He or she should respond to the paper and give or deny the child’s time off. If there is an urgent necessity or no answer, you should make a call.
  2. Authorization to be absent from work. Employees will need to obtain permission or authorization to be absent from work. You should hand it to your boss the day before you intend to be away. Among the tips that might be useful in such a situation are: use respectful language; be honest with your boss and indicate the real cause of absence; it will be great if you promise to do all the required work, even while being off, to avoid jams in the working process.
  3. Permission to travel. It is a quite requested document that allows people to use plenty of opportunities nowadays: provide foreign education for their children, excursions, let their minors go on various school trips, etc. This paper proves that parents of a child permitted their kid to travel with an adult guardian.

Tips for Writing a Permission Letter

Take note of these tips when you are writing a letter of permission.

  • Keep the language of the letter formal
  • Address the person to whom you are writing the letter
  • Do not make grammar and spelling mistakes
  • State the reason for seeking permission
  • Do not miss out points while writing the letter
  • Provide details like contact number and address precisely

How to Write a Letter of Permission

In writing a permission letter, you have to keep it simple and formal. Below is a complete guide on how to write a permission letter.

Address the Letter

Address the letter by using the full name of the person, company or agency with whom the person getting permission will be dealing. When this information is unknown, address the letter: “To whom it may concern”.?

State the Purpose of the Letter

Begin the letter by explaining the specific purpose for which permission is granted. For example, if a parent is giving consent for a child to travel with a guardian, the letter should begin by identifying the writer as the child’s parent and state that its purpose is to give the guardian authorization to travel with the child. The precise permission language will come later in the letter.

Request or Give Permission

It is important to be clear and unequivocal in the wording of the permission section of the letter. One method of accomplishing this is to use the full names of the person giving permission and the person to whom permission is given. If the letter gives permission for the care, medical treatment or other activity in which a child is involved, the full name and age of the child should be included.

The following sample wording might work for some situations: I (insert full name) give permission and consent to (full name of the person to whom permission is given) to (identify the activity including the name of a child if appropriate).? A person should alter the wording to suit the type of permission given.

Sign the Letter of Permission

Laws differ from state to state as to the formalities of signing letters of permission. Some states require that the letter be notarized or witnessed while just a signature and the date will suffice.

Permission Letter Template

Use our free Permission Letter to help you get started.






Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject:  Permission Letter for ……………….

Dear _____(Sir or Madam)

I Mr. ………(name of the sender) working as a ………………(designation of the sender) am writing this letter to you …………………………(name of the receiver to kindly grant me half day leave as I am moving out of station for a wedding of my relative, I would not be working for 4 working days and hence I want you to grant me persimmon for half day leave as well as four days off. I assure you my absence will not cause any hindrance to the ongoing project. Till then, hoping to get a positive reply from your side.

Yours Truly,


Name of the person

Sign of the person

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