How to Study Medicine and Surgery in Ghana

In this guide, we will be showing you how to study medicine and surgery in Ghana. This guide contains everything you need to become a successful medical doctor in Ghana.


How to Study Medicine and Surgery in Ghana

It is a known fact that one of the most competitive courses in Ghana Universities is Medicine and Surgery. Medicine and surgery always have the highest number of admission applications each year. But unfortunately, not all these applications are considered, and we are going to show you how to gain admission into Medicine and Surgery in Ghana.




There are several 7 Medical Schools in Ghana. These consist of both private and public universities. The public universities are made up of both state and federal universities.

  1. The University of Ghana Medical School, Accra
  2. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Medical School, Kumasi
  3. University for Development Studies School of Medicine, Tamale
  4. University of Cape Coast Medical School
  5. University of Allied Health Sciences
  6. Family Health Medical School
  7. Accra College of Medicine


The first step of becoming a doctor is to be in a suitable class, i.e., you must have the right subject combination before being considered for admission into medicine and surgery.

You must offer natural science subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English Langauge. Not only must you offer these subjects, but you must also perform exceedingly well to stand a chance of gaining admission.

Admission into medicine and surgery requires a minimum of credit pass in Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English Langauge. Candidates must also pass the entrance examination and/or interview conducted by the school.


The School of Medicine in Ghana runs a standard six (6) year programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).


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  1. Please can my daughter study medicine with home economics if she add chemistry to her subject

  2. I am willing to study Medicine and surgery in a reliable university in Ghana.
    Please what are the steps for gaining admission?
    Does it involve any entrance examination or interview?
    How much is the school fees for a Nigerian?
    Does the school provide accommodation?
    Thank you sir

  3. Hi, my name is Arnold S. Glay, I am from Liberia, I’m interested in studying surgery in ghana, but I don’t know my way forward.
    1. I want to know the fees and tuition
    2. I also want to know the next examination date

  4. Am a Nigerian, I have the all the O level requirements and I want to apply for medicine and surgery but I don’t know the actual procedures either it’s online or not and also about their tuition fees for international students

    1. 1)look up for schools in Ghana that offer medicine
      2)select the one you want
      3)Google the school and search for their admission requirements and procedures
      4) If possible search for their students on Instagram or Twitter and ask further

  5. I am interested in gaining admission in one of the universities of medical school, I credited all my papers this 2020 WAEC examination. Please how can I get admitted into college of medicine. The interview exam is when? Reply me back. Thank you!!

  6. The tuition fee for Nigerian student, requirements expected of the student, when is the examination commencing too

  7. Actually,I love wat I saw on this site. But i’m still confuse with some few things:
    1. The tuition fee for nigeria student, secondly when is the examination usually commence and lastly the specified uni versity(I.e which of the university am i going to sit for the examination. Thank you

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